It takes one with a spiritual mind to understand acting – Master Richard

Miki Osei-Berko, aka Master Richard

Miki Osei-Berko, aka Master Richard

He was a delight to watch as he cracked ribs playing Master Richard in Taxi Driver. He did same as Dada Boat in Dada Boat and after about a decade hiatus, Mikki Osei-Berko is back again to endear himself to viewers as Dada Cash in the Yello Cafe television series.

And how is he able to consistently do that? Well, while most actors attribute their success in acting to passion, for Master Richard, his ‘little secret’ over the years has been his consideration that, ‘“acting is spiritual”.

“It takes one with a spiritual mind to understand what acting is all about. I have always given a spiritual interpretation to my roles because I play characters that are different from the real me and to perfectly perform such roles, my spirit being must understand that role so that I can effectively communicate” he said in an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday.

“God has blessed me with the talent to be versatile because acting is spiritual for me. I interpret my role based on the communication I have with my spirit being and that has been my little weapon till date,” he stated.

Speaking on his new role as Dada Cash in the new Yello Café television series, Mikki who made his debut appearance last Saturday said that even though he is yet to receive feedback on his performance, he was quite optimistic it will bring back nostalgia and take viewers down memory lane

Mikki who had a stint with Adom FM for about a year when he returned to Ghana after his about 10 years sojourn in the UK said that he is yet to get his groove back even though it has been “interesting, funny and a bit difficult”.

“I was away for quite a long time and need to learn the new trend in the industry as things are quite different now. There are new players and they all have their style so you need to study the new things that have emerged and that is what I am doing now.

“I came back feeling more educated and matured as a performer. I learnt a lot when I travelled outside and I feel I am now a better actor and performer than I used to be and now back home I have to put all that into practice.

“I have watched a couple of my series and movies that I starred in and I must admit that I get embarrassed sometimes because I feel I could have performed better. I can beat my chest and say that I am a better person now,” he added.

Mikki who is also a stand up comedian hinted of a comedy show scheduled for December to  raise money to promote and create awareness on breast cancer which he described as a “committed task”.

He said that even though he has held a number of stand-up comedy shows both in and outside the country, they were not publicised and believes the time is now right for people to have a taste of that aspect of his character.

“We have great talents in comedy in the country but we have not provided the right platform for them and that is why our comedy industry is not growing. We need to support our own”.

Mikki started as a theatre stage performer who later hosted Radio Gold’s drive time programme Agoro.

He holds an English FA 2010/2011 UEFA B Football coaching certificate and is very optimistic that he will coach one of the clubs in the Ghana Premier League “when the right opportunity comes.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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