Israeli Film Festival hits Ghana in December

israel-film-festival-new-york_s345x230Comedy, Action and plenty of Drama will come to play in a three day festival of Israeli movies to be held this December at the Silverbird Cinema at the Accra Mall.

The first ISRAELI MOVIE FESTIVAL in Ghana, which was announced by the Israeli Embassy this week, would invite Ghanaians to take a look at the diverse and complicated fabric that weaves the Israeli society.

Three days, two movies a day, will showcase both current and classic Israeli movies from the past decade and would certainly be offering something to anyone who is interested in either Israel or the Cinema.

Among the movies showed – two past winners of prestigious Cannes Festival prizes and an Oscar nominated movie!

More information would soon follow when the program for the festival would be made public and the list of movies to be screen presented but one thing we can already report very clearly – the screenings will be open to the general public and will be ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE.

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