Is Salam Mumuni selfish for ignoring FIPAG’s directive on Ghana Movie Awards?

Prior to Ghana Movie Awards 2014, there was a directive from the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) for its members to disassociate themselves from the awards.

Abdul Salam Mumuni, CEO of Venus Films flouted the directives and submitted his movie “Bachelors and Sisters” for consideration into the awards.

Actor Tony Ramesh Lachman who doubles as the spokesman for Venus Film Productions said the decision to be part of the awards was because Venus did not receive any official correspondence from FIPAG to stay away from the awards.

According to the CEO of Movie Africa Productions, Mr Socrate Safo, Salam joined the awards because of his ‘selfish’ interest.

“…the whole industry decided to advice ourselves to stay away from the Ghana Movie Awards. Now, you, one individual, you feel that once you stand to benefit something to promote your business, you selfishly promoting your business, so the whole of the industry can go to hell. If that is what we feel should be supported, fine,” he said on Peace Fm last Saturday.

Do you think Salam is selfish?

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Abdul Salam Mumuni

Abdul Salam Mumuni

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