Is Paedae of R2Bees dating Fashion 101 host, Sandra Ankobiah?

pae dae

Do you know that the half duo of R2Bees is dating the host of Fashion 101? Well, they’ve being dating for almost a year now yet they pretend not to be friends when they see the media around. Could you believe that at the just launched VGMA, the two met and could not even say ‘Hi’ to each other? Sandra came a bit late, and not far from the entrance were R2Bees and some other artistes. The formal model said hi to all the artistes around Pae Dae’s table but not to her alleged Boy Friend whilst he, Pae Dae pretends to be in serious conversation with Chase. Na wa for these two o…

Sometimes we wonder what is there to hide. Could it be that one party is cheating hence came up with the idea to keep it away from the media? If it so then the idea SUCKS because our gossip team can never keep shut. We wouldn’t be surprise to hear them deny their relationship on air as most of our so called ‘Stars’ do.

Even though we are gossiping, trust us, Sandra and Pae Dizzy look good together. Fresh boy and sexy girl, stop hiding your feelings. They better be bold like Praye Tietia (Chore Master) and actress Mrs. Bevelyn Baah nee Afaglo.

Source: Yemoh Ike

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