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Is Gyedu Blay Ambolley jealous of Obour’s achievements?

Dear Highlife legend, I respectfully decided to write this letter because of some of the things you said before and after the elections. It is unfortunate I could not come out until now.

The first reason for writing to you is to publicly ask you if you are jealous of the achievements of Bice Osei Kuffour aka Obour and his administration of the affairs of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

The second reason is to let you know some of the groundbreaking achievements of Obour under his AJUMAPA vision since you claim it is all about “talk talk” and no action.

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Elections is about winning and losing and after every contest, losers show good sportsmanship by congratulating the winners and then forge ahead.

After the elections in which you lost massively, you didn’t show good sportsmanship by congratulating the winner, instead you gave the impression that, the elections were not free and fair.

Appietus who also contested the same position said the process was free and fair; does that mean he was forced to say that? Didn’t he also want to take Obour’s position just as you wanted? What kind of picture are you trying to paint?

Now to celebrate the successful elections, last Thursday, Kasapreko Company Limited, producers of homegrown alcoholic beverages hosted a cocktail reception at the Oak Plaza Hotel to celebrate the Union.

Gyedu Blay Ambolley

Gyedu Blay Ambolley

The fun event was attended by some of the new executives and some members of MUSIGA.

It was a surprise for me to see Appietus popularly known as Appietus who also contested for the MUSIGA Presidency present at the event.

I thought you would show up but you were conspicuously missing and looking at your status in the music industry, it was disappointing that you didn’t show up at the event especially when you took part and contested a key position in the elections.

Perhaps you were not invited due to your constant attacks on the person of Obour, his executives and the Union in general or you were invited and yet you decided not to show up.

If my understanding of issues is not poor then maybe, I will be confused if I think that people appreciate your criticism of Obour who has done a lot for the Union you want to lead.

Prior to the MUSIGA elections last month, you had said through various media outlets that the Obour-led administration has done virtually nothing to elevate the musicians from their current status to a status that you are yet to prescribe.



According to you, Obour, his executives and the Union have resorted to only talking and doing nothing. “In life, you have to walk your talk but for me I know the current MUSIGA administration is all about the talk. All they are doing is just creating the impression that, yeah, they are doing something,” you told NewsOne prior to the elections.

Below are some of the landmark achievements of the Obour led administration at the MUSIGA under his AJUMAPA vision.

 Effective rebranding of MUSIGA

Prior to Obour becoming the president of the Union, not many musicians knew and were aware of its activities.

But now, it has become more attractive to industry players and other stakeholders.

This has been achieved through effective PR and marketing initiatives.


With the branding, the Union attracted different eyeballs meaning the membership increased which forced Obour and his executives to look at categorisation to accompany benefits; including legal advice, facilitating in musical works registration and royalty collection, discounted services e.g. health insurance, group life insurance etc.)

Re-registration of over 1,000 members, establishment of new membership database and increase in membership by 200 percent.


The Obour administration chalked a lot of successes with many projects, one was the establishment of the Ageing Musicians Welfare Fund and yearly distribution of support to members and holding of medical screening exercise for beneficiaries.

So far, over 200 musicians have benefitted from the AMWEF Fund.


Effective Collective Rights Management (GHAMRO) – the Union led the revolution to achieving an effective administration for Ghamro in line with accepted standard international practices.

 MUSIGA Academy

There is more to music than just singing and playing an instrument. Most musicians lack the professional training and skills.

The Union Collaborated with School of Performing Arts (S.P.A) and National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) to provide professional training and skills for players in the music industry.

 Survey on Music Industry in Ghana

Comprehensive Survey on Music Industry in Ghana to identify the economic contribution of the sector to GDP and also to advise policy direction and public and private investment in the music sector.

Owing to the fact that, there have been several regimes before Obour, this is worth celebrating.

Government subvention of  GH ¢2 Million

The Union for the first time was able to access government funding through a budgetary allocation for research, music fair & peace campaign, capacity building and project administration.

 Midland- MUSIGA AJUMAPA Business Loans

The marriage between Midland Savings & Loans saw the establishment of the Midland- MUSIGA AJUMAPA Business Loans, a low interest and relatively collateral free loan to enable MUSIGA members access funds for their projects.

 Ghana Music Week Festival

Institutionalisation of Ghana Music Week Festival, MUSIGA Grand Ball and Asanteman Arts Ball and Awards as event brands to raise funds for Union projects and to promote and create jobs for members.

Agreement with Charterhouse on Ghana Music Awards

Formalisation of Ghana Music Awards arrangement with Charterhouse and Provision of car prize for chosen VGMA winners over last three years.

For the first time, a formal agreement was signed between Charterhouse and MUSIGA on the organisation of the Ghana Music Awards scheme.

The Obour led administration has done a lot that lack of space will not allow me to put out. To say they have not done anything and only “talk talk” is being disingenuous.

Per the voting pattern, you  appear  as the next in line for the presidency but from the way you are going, it will be difficult for you should you want to contest again in 2019.

You have given the impression that, you love the Union more than any other person but your utterances prove the opposite.

Can we ever have uncle Ambolley work with Obour if he claims, Obour is only doing “talk talk”? If not, then can we have Uncle Ambolley desist from all these attacks?

By Ebenezer Anangfio / Graphic Showbiz

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