Is Denzel finally in the right house?

Wet and barely dressed, Beverly and Denzel gyrated and dirty danced in the garden.

With music blazing, the Nigerian music video vixen jumped out of the Jacuzzi and started dancing provocatively which was enough to get her new Housemate, Denzel right behind her.
Beverly played along and started treating Denzel to exactly what he wanted as he has shown in many occasions that he thrives in such positions. The rest of the Rubies watched in awe as the two Housemates took over the garden.
Denzel had clearly settled in well in his new pad after he and Neyll were kicked out of the Diamond House and swapped with Hakeem and Melvin.
All this was thanks to Diamond HoH Feza after Diamonds won the Airtel Showdown Challenge against the Rubies in the Arena.
Meanwhile, in the Diamond House, Melvin was surrounded by the ladies in the Jacuzzi while Hakeem seemed to have been colonized by Angelo for a good part of the evening.
Do you think the Housemates were properly swapped?
By Lindiwe Nkonyane


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