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Irene Logan

Irene Logan

Stunning Soul singer, Irene Logan, known for hit songs like Run Away and Heat It Up who has been off the limelight for some time now, says she has been absent from the music scene to rebrand her career and that has accounted for the long break.

She told Showbiz last week that her decision to stay off the music scene for a while was prompted by the need to let her personal principles and beliefs influence her music rather than following the crowd to please others at the expense of her happiness.

“With time, I have come to discover who I am and what I want to be and not what people would want me to be. I don’t want to be a pretender and do things that I know deep down within me that

I am not comfortable just for fame. I can’t be swayed to follow the crowd when I know that is not what I want and who Irene Logan is”

She said that despite the zeal for most people to hit the limelight by doing everything that will attract attention; her focus is to churn out better music than she is noted for and that will be testified after the release of her new album later in the year.

“Most people have encouraged me to do Azonto because that is what is trendy but my opinion is that, if we all do Azonto, how can one stand out among the lot? Yes, Azonto is a good tune but that is not what I can do best because I can’t trade my stronghold which is my voice, just to make a hit” she added.

When asked if she intends to do gospel as was rumoured sometime last year, the talented singer was quick to remark “Gospel music is beautiful but I don’t remember saying that I want to do gospel. I come from a strong Christian background and that has influenced some of my decisions in the direction of my career but doing gospel music? I have not thought of that yet”, she said.

Irene, who sounded very proud mentioning her alma mater, Achimota School, said that it was not for joke that she ventured in music knowing its challenges but the zeal to impact positively and serve as a role model to people have been her driving force in the game.

“Many of my colleagues back at Achimota are now lawyers and doctors and are doing very well for themselves but I chose this path so I can’t afford to make mistakes that will jeopardize my ambitions. I had to sacrifice my education to get to where I am so it is not a joke for me but to make the needed impact”.

According to Irene, her time at Achimota School played a role very significant in her music life because under the tutelage of Ghana’s legendary pianist, Ken Kafui, she developed further her vocal skill, explored choral music and was refined musically. At Achimota, she was part of a group called S-Touch which had Richie of Lynx Entertainment being a member.

However, what brought her to the limelight was the Charterhouse-produced reality music show, Stars of the Future in 2006 which she emerged as the eventual winner. After the competition, organisers Charterhouse paired Irene with Jane (now Efya) who was second runner up in the said competition, to form the talented duo, Irene & Jane and as a group, they won the Best Female Vocal Performance category in the 2008 Ghana Music Awards.

They were also nominated for the 2008 Kora Music Awards and Channel O Music Video Awards for their debut album, Unveiled Project.

Irene then had brief spells with Deluxe Entertainment before officially signing on to Lynx Entertainment in 2008. Her first single, ‘Runaway’, featuring controversial Hiplife artiste and label mate on Lynx Entertainment, Asem, was an epic hit that revealed the versatility and resourcefulness of her musical gift.

Her second prelude single Kabila off her much anticipated album, Re-birth of Irene Logan placed her as one of the forces in the industry. She signed on in May 2009 as an ambassador for telecommunications giant Glo.

Reluctant to talk about her love life, the twenty-something year old said she is looking forward to settle down soon but when asked how soon it will be, she just giggled and remarked “when the right time is due”.

For Irene, internationals acts like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion have had influence on her life and she hopes to reach the world stage with her talent.

“I have read all the messages from my fans and their words of encouragement but they should expect a better Irene this time than I am already noted for. Not just a musician but one who wants to be a positive model for my generation and as such the content of my song should be positive and devoid of anything that might have negative impact on people. Even if it is a love song, it should be one with a difference”.

Talking on how she has avoided controversies, the Run Away hit maker said “I am a very private person and love to stay away from the eyes of the media but in my own small way, I can be very controversial which is unknown to many”.

For fave food, she said; “Anyone who serves me with Tilapia and fried yam with hot pepper, I will forever be grateful to”.

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