I’m single and happy: Eazzy says of split from Keitta



While most girls would be crying their hearts out after a break up, sultry singer, Eazzy, has revealed she doesn’t feel downhearted at all after splitting up with her model boyfriend of two years, Keitta Ossei.

In fact, the Wengeze hitmaker confirmed to Graphic Showbiz last Tuesday that the once blossoming romance which was in the public eye was over but contrary to what people thought, she was happy being single again.

“Yes, Keitta and I are no more an item,” she stated emphatically.

“However, I am not down because I enjoy being single and I am enjoying that right now. Before I met Keitta, I had been single for a long time and so being single is nothing new to me. I also have no intention to go into any relationship now. I am cool being single like that.

“Of course, it is every woman’s dream to settle down with the man she loves and that was what I sincerely wished for but since that didn’t happen, I just have to accept that in good faith.”

Eazzy took to Twitter to announce the split last week saying, “Hi guys thanks for your concern. yep. Keitta and I are not a couple anymore. Details are private. No more questions. Wink”.

Defending why she took to Twitter to announce her split from Keitta, Eazzy said, “I had no ill intentions when I used Twitter to announce our break-up. Our relationship was a public one and most people knew about it so it was only fair for such people to also know that we are no more together.

“Most of them kept asking me about our relationship status and I couldn’t lie to them. I know that if Keitta were in my shoes, he would also have done same.”

The diva declined to disclose to Showbiz exactly why the relationship fell on the rocks.

“We had our differences and decided to go our separate ways and move on with our lives. I appreciate all the concerns that my fans have shown me but I will appreciate it more if people do not read their own meanings into this break up,” she said.

“It is rather unfortunate that people would fabricate all sorts of stories about the cause of our break-up. I have never said anywhere that Keitta cheated on me or was cheating on me. I don’t know where people got their information. They are mere speculations.”

The One Gal singer also told Showbiz that even though she had not heard from Keitta after their break-up, she was sure he was doing fine and wished him well.

Eazzy and Keitta’s relationship went public when the two of them represented Ghana at Big Brother Africa (BBA) two years ago.

Keitta could not be reached for comment at the time Showbiz went to press.

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