I’m no more cool with Sandra Ankobiah – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson has confirmed that her relationship with host of Fashion101, Sandra Ankobiah, has hit the rocks. The two ladies who have similar stature and heights used to be seen hanging out, partying and traveling together. Rumours of the sweet-turned-sour friendship emerged after both failed to show up at each other’s big day in April this year.

Yvonne Nelson did not show up at Sandra’s call to the bar, while the latter was also missing at the premiere of Yvonne’s movie ‘House of Gold’ in which Sandra ironically starred.

The rumours gained grounds when Sandra Ankobiah took down all photos of her and Yvonne together from her instagram page. Since then, the two have never been seen together in public.

But in an exclusive interview on The Delay Show last Friday, Yvonne Nelson told Deloris Frimpong-Manso that indeed she is no more cool with Sandra. She confirmed that she hardly hears from Sandra….saying “we used to be tight”.

According to her, there wasn’t any argument or fight or quarrelling to warrant such an outcome. “I just don’t hear from her,” she maintained.

Yvonne added that Sandra is a nice person, but she (Yvonne) is focused right now…and therefore had to “move away”. Asked why she decided to move away from Sandra, Yvonne said ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’ and therefore had to distance herself.

Meanwhile, the second part of the interview with Yvonne will be aired on The Delay Show this Friday at 4pm on VIasat1.

Culled from Viasat1

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