“I’m comfortable with the size of my boobs” – Ghanaian actress

Kumasi-based actress, Mercy Asiedu has told Graphic Showbiz that, she is not not be bothered about the size of her breasts.

“I want people to know that, I am comfortable with the size of my boobs. And that is something that nobody can change. Eventhough they are heavy they do not restrict my movements.

“I can run, jump and do anything that others with small breasts will do so you see; I am more than okay with the size of my boobs.

“When it comes to outfits, in spite of their size, I rock any dress I want. I am proud of my boobs,” she said in an interview with Showbiz on Tuesday.

Commenting on if being busty affects her dressing when it comes to costuming her for movies, she said; “that is not a problem at all. The costumier is usually aware of my measurements before I even get on set.

“Most of them know my body size and my measurements so they are aware of what will work for me. They always make provisions for that and so far, I have not heard of any complaints,” the mother of two said.

Talking about how she feels whenever her colleague actors use the size of her breasts as a point of reference in movies, she said; “I do not get offended at all because I know it is just acting and we are doing comedy so it’s not really a big deal for me.”

Touching on her music and her Eye Adwene Kyere album which she released last month, Mercy Asiedu said, people should not be surprised when they see her singing because that  had always been a part of her.

“I have been singing all my life. In fact, I started singing and acting at the same time  but you know how when God wants to favour and bless you, he decides any medium of His choice so I will say, God  used the acting aspect to bless me and that is how come I put music on hold until now,” she said.

Asked to say a word to up and coming actors, Mercy said, “I want them to know that being a star does not come on a silver platter. I am aware that most of our ladies especially are in a rush to hit the screens but the truth is that, it takes determination, patience and endurance to get there.

“In their quest to become stars, they should also be willing to add prayers and be ready to start from small beginning, be humble and strive to do better than the people they see as mentors,” she added.

Mercy Asiedu, who is currently the president of The Actresses Association of Ghana (ACTAG) is known for many movies including Psalm 23, Asoreba, Job, I know My Right, Suzy, Obiyaa, Matriki Wo, Agya Koo Aware Broni, Asem Asa, Otan Nni Aduro and Emma Pe Aware.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

Mercy Asiedu

Mercy Asiedu

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