If Hip Life Is Dead, Then We Missed The Funeral – Reggie Rockstone To Blakk Rasta

Reginald Osei popularly known as Reggie Rockstone, the originator of Hiplife genre has replied a comment made by Reggae musician Blakk Rasta that, Ghanaian Dancehall will soon die like the genre he originated.

The former Hitz FM presenter speaking on Kessben FM’s in Kumasi said that, Ghanaian Dancehall will die soon because Ghanaian Dancehall artistes record their songs in “Patois”.

“What future does dancehall have? If you look at most of the big awards we won outside, we used reggae music not dancehall. Ghanaian dancehall is full of Jamaican culture and Patois, with such a song, what future does it has? The only thing which will give it future is for them to fuse African value with dancehall,” he said on the show.

According to him the genre in Ghana will die soon like Hiplife.

“Dancehall won’t go anywhere; it will just collapse just like hiplife. Hiplife was full of slangs when it started. Reggie Rockstone and others were slanging every day and I told them that it would get to a time people will be fed-up until Obrafour and Lord Kenya came in with Twi rap.”

Blakk Rasta and Reggie Rockstone

Blakk Rasta and Reggie Rockstone

Speaking with GhanaGist.Com, Reggie Rockstone said, Blakk Rasta wishes Hiplife was dead and even if it was dead then, Ghanaians missed the funeral.

“If hiplife is dead we missed the funeral lol! He wishes”, he said, continuing that, “As long as hip hop is not dead hiplife won’t die!”

According to know, Hiplife, “is a daughter of two strong parents! Highlife her father and hiphop her mother!”

“Dey [they] said dancehall Wud [would] die too! Same with hiphop! Both have not only become stronger but beautifully so! He knows not what he speaks of.”

By GhanaGist.Com

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