“I would never do a thing like that” – Itz Tiffany’s baby daddy denies leaking sėx tapes

Frank Kwame Gambra, father of Itz Tiffany’s son has denied leaking the famous sėx tapes of himself and the rapper.

“Na Na Na…I would never do a thing like that. You know, especially I’ve got a kid with her and I love my kid so much. I’ve been looking out for him there is no way on earth I would have done that…It is even ridiculous for her to think that and I know she knows that I couldn’t do that…” he said on Accra-based radio station Neat FM on Tuesday November 11, 2014.

“Before I left Ghana, I was having my own issues so when I was leaving,I left a couple of my properties with my family and friends and I can’t pinpoint exactly who would have done that.”

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 Itz Tiffany

Itz Tiffany

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