I wasted one hour, 30 minutes of my time watching #KejetiaVsMakola – Nenebi writes

Poet-songwriter Nenebi came under attack last Wednesday August 30th for saying he hated famed Ghanaian sitcom, Kejetia Vs Makola.

In a post on his Facebook timeline that went up at 9:48AM , the Stay Away From Me writer wrote, “Been hearing so much noise about #KejetiaVsMakola and curiosity got the better side of me. I watched 3 episodes of that and I feel like I wasted one hour 30 minutes of my life I am not going to get back. That show is not funny. There’s only one funny character, the lawyer from Kejetia and even he kept turning the same tricks. I don’t have a problem with that because one of my favorite sitcoms is Master of None. You can watch 30 minutes of Master of None and only 3 minutes will be funny and it’s still interesting to watch because it tells great stories…”

He went to suggest ways he thought the show could be improved making comparations to other old Ghanaian shows like Efiewura, Divorce Court and Taxi Driver.

Fans of the show didn’t take it lightly with him hitting his wall with comments ranging from funny trolls to shoots against his personality. Shafic Kwabena Osman commented, “comedy is a very subjective business. The Big Bang Theory has popular acclaim as one of the funniest shows around but some people, lots of people actually, think the jokes are stale. That Silicon Valley is actually funnier than BBT and the latter is not funny at all. To each his own. Kejetia vs Makola is funny to those who see it to be funny…I give this review E for Efforts too 😉. It would have been a neutral grade if all it said was “I do not like it” but to impose some standards which aren’t standardized gives this an E.”

Another fan of the show, Comedian OB Amponsah shared Nenebi’s post on his Timeline with the caption, “People are too quick to compare one program with another, expecting the new program to conform to their already established taste.

That is just some greedy way to live life. The hustle one goes through to ensure the continuity of such series is not child’s play. So for one person to watch it and say he wasted 1 hour 30 minutes of his life is just unfortunate.

It’s not funny, yet you identify one funny character in it. What was the funny character doing? washing bowls?

You heard the noise about Kumkum Bhagya and went to watch, who coerced you to watch Kejetia vs Makola?

The show relies on comic relief to drive it, like you were expecting it to rely on SSNIT software rather?

You got one thing right though, you can’t write Comedy, so stick to your Foreign series, we will watch our #KejetiavsMakola. Arghhh!!!”

Nenebi, who is preparing to release a video for his song with Mzbel and Moesha Bodoung (Me, My Selfie and Eyes) didn’t offer many rebuttals to the comments. Some of his fans however commented their support for his stance on the show.

Kejetia Vs Makola, which is getting a huge following among Ghanaians airs on Joy Prime on Sundays after which episodes are uploaded on YouTube.

Watch #KejetiaVsMakola below …

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