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I Was The Man, Now You Are The Man – KSM Tells DKB, The New King Of Comedy In Ghana

Comedian DKB was crowned the new king of Ghana comedy by Humorist Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM) last Saturday at the National Theatre during his “Point of View” Comedy Show.

“When I see DKB he says KSM you are the man and I say no, I was the man. Now you are the man. I am very proud of him, so it is my pleasure and my duty to introduce to you the new King of Comedy DKB.”

“I am here today and I’m very happy for these young guys (comedi­ans). Show them some love. They have taken GH comedy to a new level and I am extremely proud of them. I hosted DKB some time ago on my show and I said DKB, one day you are going to get there and I am going to open for you. He thought I was lying, so when he talked about this show, I was like no problem, I will be there and I will open it for you. That is why I am here today.”

KSM made the comment when welcoming DKB to the stage.

DKB performing ta his "Point of View" Comedy Show

DKB performing ta his “Point of View” Comedy Show

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