“I was cautioned by doctors to stop smoking weed” – Abeiku Santana

Abeiku Santana has revealed that, he was cautioned by his doctors to quit smoking weed because of his family’s asthmatic history.

Smoking of wee or weed is not new to the people in the entertainment industry. Day in, day out, you hear “the substance is medicinal” from these smokers to defend why they smoke.

“I used to smoke but it was not good for my health because in our family we have asthmatic history. So I was cautioned by doctors to stop smoking. I used to smoke weed and cigarette but I didn’t do cigar because it was too big and uncomfortable for my liking”, he said on eTV’s The Late Night Celebrity Show.

The former weed smoker said that, “It’s not true that when you drink or smoke you become hyper. I’m always around doing my things without these substances. If you need to be hyper, then exercise because the more oxygen you have flowing to your mind and back, the more at ease you become.”

He continued, “When you are stressed, it means there’s no oxygen in your brain or the amount of oxygen going to your brain is low. Stress is when you worry yourself with so many things. So those who need boosters and substances to perform, trust me, it won’t help you.”

“And once your body get used to it, you can’t leave a day without it and then you become a slave to it and controlled by that substance. That’s why Americans call it control substance. You shouldn’t let anything control you. Being it alcohol, sex or smokes. Your mind should control your body”, ended.

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