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“I want to be a role model to my daughter” – Actress Nana Akua Addo

Nana Akua Addo at Devil In A Dress premiere

Nana Akua Addo at Devil In A Dress premiere

Actress, Nana Akua did not see it coming. When she got pregnant with her first daughter, her idea was to have her baby and return quickly to her acting career, her hanging out with friends and to her generally fun lifestyle.

Since delivering her baby, Jesusa Jewel Manaye Dodua Norman, however, all that thought have become her “back case”.

“Whatever anyone said about me has become my back case”, she told Showbiz last Tuesday. “I could hang out late into the night or do all manner of things when I wasn’t a mother but not anymore. I want to be a role model to my daughter when she grows up.

“I need to set a good example for my daughter to emulate. What would I be teaching her if I continue to go about things the way I used to do?  I need to always do the right thing and not to be seen to be messing up”, she said.

“Before I had my baby, I told myself I would go for a nanny should I become a mother but now I am doing everything myself without a nanny. I cook, wash, clean and all ”, she said.

Should her acting career interfere with taking care of her baby, Nana Akua who is known for movies such as Wanna Be, Rain, Speechless and Never Again said she would quit acting to take care of her child if the need be.

“In fact, already, I have turned down some movie scripts in the last couple of months because the shooting schedules were not favourable to me and my baby.  I will always choose taking care of my baby over acting because I cannot do without her.

Commenting on why she used to dress up rather weirdly to social events, Nana Akua told Showbiz, it was meant to catch the attention of the cameras.

“The only thing that will distinguish me from Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson is my dressing. Obviously, they are much popular than me so if I don’t dress that way, how would the cameras recognise my presence? Putting on long weave-on, blue eye lashes, tattered jeans was to get attention of the cameras and the public,” she said.

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