I want Elikem, Nando or Melvin to win the US$300,000

After her eviction last Sunday July 14, Selly in one on one interview said a lot of things including denying having séxual intercourse with Nando. She said she wants her compatriots Elikem to win the money but in case he’s evicted, she will prefer Nando or Melvin.

Read the excerpts:

Q: How do you feel Selly?

I am fine but sad to have left the house. I miss being in the house and also the food. I also miss Nando.

Q: So while we are on the subject of Nando. How did you feel having Africa watch you being intimate with him? Some people think you guys even have séx?

We never had séx. We got intimate but under the blankets I did that to respect myself and Africa. But that said I wouldn’t do anything differently when it comes to my moments with Nando.

Q: And you spoke of your love for Nando when you got evicted. What happened to Sulu, we all thought you were an item?

Sulu and I were friends. He tried to get with me but I was honest that I am not into him. I liked Nando and Sulu knew that.

Q: Do you ever regret having that massive fight with Sulu? Even though you’ve buried the hatchet?

I have no regret we didn’t fight it was just two parties expressing their views on a certain subject. We tried making the relationship work but it was obvious we had nothing from the beginning but that discussion was exactly that a discussion and not really a fight.

Q: Who are you supporting to win the money?

Of course, my brother Elikem first and foremost, but if he didn’t make it, I would like Nando or Melvin to win. Nando because I realise he is real and doesn’t mince words, he says his mind. And Melvin because he is my brother (West-African brother), and we shared some likeness to each other.

Q: You are out now. What will you do?

I will continue with my acting. In fact as soon as I left the house I got a call from a Nigerian film maker who wants me to act in his film. So I will do that film and other projects. Big Brother has given me the opportunity to have my name put out there so I will use that to go further. I would just like Africa to continue showing me love like they did when I was in the house.

Credit: BBA

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