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#GhanaGist: I prefer my lady without clothes at home – YFM’s Joel Orleans tells Lady Sam

Lady Sam caught up with Radio Man Joel Orleans at the YFM studios last week not only is he the host of ‘The Dryve of your Lyfe’ on YFM Mon –Thurs from 3-7pm he most recently featured on Slim Kofi’s Afro-pop track – Spiritual Love.

Lady Sam: You are an accomplished man doing a job you love and are engaged with a child but how do you manage it all being so young?

Joel: Well ‘Lao Tsu’ once said “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Being in a relationship has kept me focused and now having a son makes me strive harder for greatness, my relationship helps me to manage it all, I have great support.

Lady Sam: That is really good to hear, it just makes you know that with the right people around you, you really can succeed. (He nods emphatically) Ok, so Joel, although you are a radio presenter you are actively involved in music (with a new song out) so which is your first love?

Joel: I started music back in high school so that would be my first love. Before I got into radio I was freestyle rapping and I even took part in the Channel O ‘Sprite MC Africa’ competition in 2009 and I made it to the final with Creal. I actually started radio in 2010 after being scouted from rap shows that I took part in. I love radio a lot and glad that my current profession is revolved around music. So for me it’s more like I’m having a ménage with both of the things I’m passionate about.

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Lady Sam: Hmm, interesting way to look at it. (He smiles) Now tell me which style of music do you like?

Joel: I like music that makes sense, has a message and gets you thinking. However, music is evolving rapidly these days and since there are times or occasions for different kinds of songs I’ve grown to love a variety of genres.

Lady Sam: Interesting response. I want to know about your style, when it comes to dressing I think you have a unique sense of style especially when it comes to your hair, what’s your inspiration?

Joel: My son is my inspiration for growing my current hairstyle. They’re actually the same age. Honestly I’ve always wanted to grow my hair naturally, ever since I was a kid. In Ghana, there’s a perception about it and I want to change that.

Lady Sam: So whose style do you admire in GH?

Joel: I admire Jon Germaine, I think he’s GH’s definition of a classic man.

Lady Sam: I definitely agree, so what do you think of fashion generally in Ghana?

Joel: I think it’s getting better since there are more Ghanaian designers and the introduction of fashion stylists like Kulaperry into the industry.

Lady Sam: Now switching it up a bit I always ask my male interviewees something to do with the ladies either turn on or turn offs – tell me what turns you off about women?

Joel:  Well firstly let me start with turn ons: her brain, is a major turn on for me, how smart she is and how she thinks and of course good looks and personality count as well as exposure. The turn offs for me are ugly feet and I just hate a dumb girl, sorry but I am just being honest.

Lady Sam: There is nothing wrong with being honest Joel, so tell me how do you like your lady to dress?

Joel: Right for any occasion. Classy not too much makeup and natural stuff if you know what I mean. Oh and at home no clothes is required btw.

Lady Sam: Eii Joel, (He laughs heartily) so moving on Joel – what is next for you?

Joel: The Universe. Working on my music, radio career and I hope to be back on TV soon. I also have some businesses I’ve been developing over the past 10 years mainly in technology and education so this year people will see the entrepreneurial side of me you can check out to get a preview.

Lady Sam: I look forward to that thank you Joel, good to catch up with you.

You can follow Joel on @joelorleans and Lady Sam @ladysamgh on Twitter.

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