#GhanaGist: I never prayed to God to give me a husband – Gifty Anti

The Host of Standpoint programme, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has stated that she never considered marriage and that she is learning to be a wife.

Oheneyere Anti who admitted she is enjoying her recent royal marriage with Nana Ansah Kwao, said she is learning the terrain of marriage.

According to her, marriage was never part of her lifestyle plans.

“He understands that I have been single for a very long time, a very independent woman, very strong minded, I never prepared for marriage, he respects that I accepted to marry him because I was committed, I love him very much, but because marriage was never a part of the agenda, I’m now learning. He’s been married before so he’s taking his time,” she intimated.

The women advocate further disclosed that she never considered marriage.

“I never considered marriage, it was never a big deal for me, I never prayed to God to give me a husband, it was always about Lord if he is not the one, take him away, that was my prayer,” she said.

Speaking on Ghone Today hosted by Kafui Dey and Baisiwa Hammond, Oheneyere advised single women not to go her direction.

“It’s not right so people should not pray this kind of prayer,” she encouraged.

She urged them not to allow people to define their lives for them, citing that Mzve’s ‘Natural Girl’ song inspires her.

“As a single woman with or without a man you don’t need to look down upon yourself, you should not let anybody define who you are, I like Mzve’s ‘natural girl,” she stated.

She expressed satisfaction that her husband gave her the royal wedding due to the niche she has carved for herself all these years.

“By the grace of God, my husband gave me the kind of wedding he gave me because I am Gifty Anti,” she pointed out.

Asked if it’s her intelligence that attracted him, she said ‘you know God works in mysterious ways, and I think my time was due, I said several times that there was no way I was going to give up my name Gifty Anti, he knew it and he was ok with it, Gifty Anti has gone through a lot of files, it’s a brand, it’s gone through ups and downs, I wouldn’t give it away because for me it’s represents lots of struggles, passion, determination and above all what my father taught me,’ she stated.

According to her, they share ideas together and disagree on issues.

“He understands my work, sometimes we disagree vehemently on issues, we share ideas so well and am very proud of him and he is also very proud of what I do,’” she said.

Asked if their marriage is not like two rams locking their heads, she stated ‘not at all, we have a lot of fun, he makes me laugh a lot, he is a very jovial person, he says things that you wouldn’t imagine that he will say, his answers always make me laugh in anger,’ she disclosed.

According to her, they understand their different backgrounds.

“We each understand that we are coming from different backgrounds, we are both strong characters, we know when to let go and when to take up the fight, all the fights he wins,” she intimated.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com

Gifty Anti and her husband Nana Ansah Kwao

Gifty Anti and her husband Nana Ansah Kwao

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