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I receive a lot of messages daily, and I try my best to answer as many as possible, although I may not be able to reply all, I appreciate each of them. I often receive numerous messages from people asking me to help them to become ‘stars’.

I am writing this response to all whom have written me such messages.

I do not do what I do because of stardom, I do so because I am passionate and love what I do. My goal when I started my career was not to become a so called ‘star’. Recognition comes with it but that is not my ambition. My unique journey in my career has not been smooth and like most things in life very challenging.

The amount of auditions I went to that I was turned down is many, the rejection letters I received from media houses that turned me down for internships and jobs were also many. I have kept those letters to remind me that nothing in life is easy. To this day, I still go for auditions, where I am not chosen, but that is life. However, I keep on going for auditions and persevering.

In life, you have to find your own way, because somebody else is not going find a way for you. If you are really passionate, and serious. You will be perfecting your skills, studying and developing your self and going for auditions, talent contest, etc in whatever you want to do. Not just sending messages on Facebook asking for help from people.

Ama Konadu Abebrese

Ama Konadu Abebrese

You have to develop and strive to achieve your goals. Do not feel entitled that someone has to help you. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs help at some point, however, you have to help yourself first, get the training you need. If you are an actor, do you go to auditions? If you are musician do you have a demo? If you are a model, do you have a portfolio?Take the steps first towards your goals.

I write this with the most sincerity. God is my pillar of strength and the one I consult for help first in prayer, and seek direction. He indeed helps me, but I have go out and make the effort. I believe God indeed gives us the tools, but we have to use them.

Sitting down and writing for help will probably not help you achieve your goals. You have to get up, and make it happen. God direct your steps, but it is up to you to take those steps. God bless you all.

By: Ama K. Abebrese

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