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VIDEO: I love Afia Schwarzenegger but we are not friends again – MzBel

They were the best of friends – they do things together and are seen together at various events but suddenly something happened and their relationship “has fallen apart”.

What really happened to the once best friends? GhanaGist.Com cannot tell but at the press conference to officially unveil the second edition of her Red Concert now known as “Mzbel Rockz”, Mzbel was asked about her relationship with the controversial and suspended Okay FM presenter.

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“We are not still friends for now. I’m trying to work things out so we become friends again. I believe that based on what people have done to Afia [Schwarzenegger] in [the] past; … stuffs that she has been through made her react quickly and because of that, we [have] fallen apart. I’m trying to talk to her but because she is still angry, she’s not listening, so I’m just hoping that everything will calm down and we get to talk again,” she told the media.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel

WATCH VIDEO: 5 Things People Don’t Know about Afia Schwarzenegger 

According to her, she has reached out several times to Afia so they mend their relationship but Afia doesn’t listen to her because she’s listening too much to other people.

“I have reached out to her several times but I feel like she’s been listening to people too much. I love Afia so much, I will never stop loving Afia and I just pray to God that whatever it is that is making her act the way she’s acting towards me, she will one day realize that, it’s just people that are trying to come between us.”

She ended by saying that, she still loves her and looking forward in becoming friends and sisters with her again.

“I’m not upset with Afia. I’m not angry at Afia. I know Afia’s story and I know why she’s behaving the way she’s behaving, so I’m just being patience hoping that someday she will calm down and we become sisters and friends again. For now we are not friends again.”

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“Mzbel Rockz” is slated for Sunday May 1, 2016 at the Bukom Square.

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