I have no regrets over my bikini photo­-shoot – Sylvya Oluchy

Sylvya Oluchy

Sylvya Oluchy

Sylvya Oluchy is three times award winning actress. She is one of the few with sound eduction, fierce ambition and to cap it all, she can act. She stunned a lot of people when her tastefully done Bikini photo-shoot appeared online, finally, Sylvia is bringing the show part of showbiz to the table.

Some men online went for her jugular while some lust after her body, some even went as far as getting her number on her website and asking for a piece of her body. Good or bad, Oluchy enjoys it all. It is one of the prices to pay for stardom and she has no regret.
In this interview with www.icampusng.com Oluchy who says no Nollywood actor catches her fancy have no regrets absolutely.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you as a star?
Cyber stalking, sometimes people start sending you crazy messages on social media saying they want to marry you or some even go as far as describing some dirty deed and saying it’s what they want to do to you. Others get my number from my website sylvyaoluchy.com and start calling me at odd hours of the night. (Laughs)

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done as a star?
Risqué bikini photos shoot

Wow! What is the reaction like?
(Laughs) it was mixed. Some liked it; others thoroughly insulted me saying “all this celebrity nudity is immoral

Hmmm! What do you think about the bikini picture after the reaction?

Well, it is what it is. We are in the business of showbiz and everyone is entitled to their own opinions and rightfully so
How has your journey being so far in Nollywood?
It’s been tedious but rewarding. I’m still on the journey so to speak. They say nothing good comes easy, so with that in mind I continue working hard and putting in my best. I have tons of things I haven’t even begun doing yet. But as the wise saying go “a lot of NOs make a big YES”. Also I’ve been told that failure is a key component to long lasting success. Because it teaches you to never give up.
What are the movies you’ve done?

Presently, I have Finding Love showing in all cinemas nationwide. I’m also in Lekki wives season 2, On Bended Knees, Alan Poza, Bent Arrows, Facade, Happy Family season 4 and secrets and scandal season 5. Also Being Mrs Elliot will hit cinemas in a few months too.

What are the new ones in the work?
Being Mrs Elliot starring Omoni Oboli, Majid Michel, sylvya oluchy, AY Makun, Lepacious Bose and Imeh Bishop
What makes it challenging?
Well so many things. It’s a business first and foremost they say. So as bitter as it may sound, talent alone is not enough. It’s SHOWbiz(ness). So many other elements come into play, no pun intended.
What are the other things?
Well anything else would be relative to personal opinion, not so much so a dogma. There is no set formula or modus operandi of promotion and grade levels. That’s why it falls under an art or humanity classification
What silly things have you done for showbiz?
Once I took a bus to a producer’s office and then hopped on a bike from the bus stop in surulere. I asked the man to stop me two numbers before the office. Found some shade, touched up my make upn switched my flats to heels, threw on some perfume and strutted into the producers office acting all hot like I had just come down from an ‘ACed’ car. They said it’s showbiz, isn’t that so? (laughs)

Have you ever given into a sexual advance of a prospective producer?
No comment (laughs). I thought interviews were not X-rated (laughs)
(Laughs) such a harmless question, We will come back there but before that, how did you get into Nollywood?
My mother, she always would say while I was growing up that “acting would suit me”. I was more of a science loving, robot fascinated child as well as so shy. So she said just kept saying it and it the idea grew on me as I grew up. So when the time for JAMB came up, I filled out Theatre Arts and studied it.
Between Aneth in Lekki Wives and Sylvya who’s hotter in bed?
Shakespeare said “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. So what do you reckon? (laughs)
I suspect Sylvya is hotter! Aneth is a learner
Tell me am wrong?
If you say so
You tell me?

Is this still part of the interview?
Yes ma’m
(Laughs)  Ok
So what’s the final answer?
I don’t know

Tell me about growing up?
I was born and raised mostly in Abuja, youngest child of 6. I was a very shy and nerdy type kid complete with glasses and social pariah status, you know “coolkill”. (laughs) I also had an unusually bass-like voice as a child that made me self-conscious and insecure about talking to people. So my only release was when playing with my toys, I would make elaborate stories and characters for each one and act out dramas with them. I would also emulate all my teachers to my mum, it’s probably what she saw and suggested I go into acting.
Have you ever thought of producing your own movie?
Absolutely, I have even written scripts and hope to produce the first one as soon as possible.
What do you think of love?

Love is constant forgiveness of oneself and others, a kind look to life that becomes a habit. Love is peace
Has love been fair to you?

(Laughs) Shakespeare says “All is fair in love and war”. So I can’t complain.

Have you fallen in love before?
No, I’m still waiting for that to happen to me
What’s your take on sex before marriage?

To each man his own, do what feels right with your individual conscience.
What feels right with you?

That is personal
How was your first time in bed like-like it, regret, no hard feeling ETC?
Why are you assuming that I have had my first time yet? (laughs)
If you haven’t I’d be shocked like many other people 
(Laughs) Well, I guess only God and I know the truth, not so?


Who is your kind of man in entertainment industry?

My kind of man is not necessarily in the entertainment industry. I like intellectual and nerdy men. I also like guys who take the time to exercise and work out their bodies. So yeah, I’m a big fan of six packs and big brains. (laughs)
Wow… am hitting the gym
If I ask you to pick one man you fancy going to bed with in entertainment industry, who will it be?

Will Smith or Justin Timberlake
What are your future aspirations in the entertainment industry?

I aspire to a whole lot. I have so many ideas I would love to put into action. Some of which have nothing to do with movies but go back to my childhood fascination with robotics.

Who are the people that inspire you in Nollywood?

All my senior colleagues have inspired me in one way or the other. I admire them all for different reasons from Omotola, Genevieve, Chioma, Omoni, Rita etc. They are all living the dream and I would like to live it too

What is the bigger picture for you in Nollywood?

The bigger picture for me of Nollywood is growth. Already we have been accredited with bringing in 2percent of the country’s GDP. So I want to see Nollywood grow so much to the point that Hollywood and other industries feel inclined to put in African elements in their movies or use African actors so they can submit their movies into our award ceremonies. Just the way we all aspire to the Academy awards now. A Nollywood that is on par with Hollywood both in quality, production budget and box office returns.

Personally, I’m just focused on my work for now. I want to have a good body of work that will be my legacy. So I’m just facing doing my movies and putting in unforgettable performances. But I have lots of other things besides acting that I also want to dabble into.

If I ask you to pick one man you fancy going to bed with in Nollywood, who will it be?

Nobody in Nollywood. (laughs)

What are your regrets?

I have no regrets. Without my past mistakes, I wouldn’t know any valuable life lesson. I am a summation of all my mistakes because I learn from them to become a better person.

What are your happy moments?

I try to view happiness as a state of mind not something that happens to me. So I consciously tell myself always “smile only” “be simply optimistic

What is your take on lesbianism?

Lesbianism is a personal choice. As long as no one is forcing another into it, if it is born out of free will, I say, to each man his own.

Has a lesbian approached you before?

Yes a few have approached me.

Are you kidding?
No. I’m not

Give me details…how were you approached? Was it in the industry? Was your response?
No details. I handled it as I saw best at the moment

What is your first movie?

My very first movie was Xoza. I had about 7 scenes but no lines and I got the role from an audition. Likewise my first lead role Bent Arrows, I also got the role from an audition.

Can you still act nude?

I haven’t done it. But if I am approached with such a role, I will make my decision based on the script and director. I never say never.

Do you have friends in Nollywood?
I have lots of friends in Nollywood, Infact I’m friendly with all my colleagues.

What is your view about life?

Life is living in the moment. Taking each day as it comes and choosing to be happy no matter what

What should we expect from you?
In what regard?

As person and as an actress

I have answered this question nah

Why did you go all out bikini in your last photo-shoot?
I work hard every day to look good and most importantly boost my health through exercise, dieting and meditation. It was simply my way of enjoying my hard work and femininity

You have no qualms flaunting your body?
(Laughs) that depends on what you mean by “flaunting”
Bikini body for instance?
Well, I guess if I’m going swimming, I would naturally wear a bikini. So I don’t know if that counts as flaunting

What’s your take on new fad of drug taking in entertainment industry?

Well, drug taking is bad for your health and also might be bad for your social life because drugs make people act erratically often. Although some artistes like Bob Marley, Fela and Ray Charles have claimed their best creativity has come to them under the influence of mariguana. I would just say based on its been bad for your health, it’s not a good idea because health is wealth. Good health is the most important thing in life and one doesn’t need drugs to be cool.

Sylvya Oluchy twitter and instagram handle is @syluyaoluchy

Sylvya Oluchy








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