I have a wonderful man

angelo-maria_lg_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbadHousemates who were expecting to find a replacement for the void that LK4 and Koketso left behind through Maria and Angelo were left disappointed.

Tonight the ravishing Ruby duo Maria and Angelo spent the evening lying in bed together speaking in soft hushed tones as they set the record straight about the status of their relationship. “I told Biggie that I think I found a best friend in this House,” Maria shared.
Angelo had little to say on the matter choosing rather to let the pretty Namibian wax lyrical. Maria insisted that despite her fondness for the South African her loyalties still lie with her man back at home. “I have a wonderful man, an awesome man that I love very much,” she Maria maintained.
The young model told the Cape Town dancer that she wishes to maintain their friendship and not have things be awkward between them. “It won’t be awkward,” Angelo promised.
Aww sweet, it’s good to see that both parties are mature about things. But it is undeniable though that they have good chemistry and there are still 75 more days of The Chase and that is a long time to be locked up in a House with someone. We’ll be keeping an eye on these two.
Video: Let’s be friends

By Lihle Jacobs

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