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I Have A Change Of Mind About Beauty Pageants Now – Hon Dzifa Gomashie

It is believed that, young ladies are exploited during beauty pageants competitions. It is also believed that, beauty pageants are solely about the physical attributes of the young ladies that partake and not necessary how brilliant they are. That perception is held by many.

Speaking at the VIP Lounge at the Kotoka International Airport to welcome Rebecca Asamoah who was crowned Miss Africa Continent in South Africa, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dzifa Gomashie said she has had a change of mind about beauty pageant.

“Let’s celebrate what we have. It’s a beauty pageant and like I said I have a change of mind now because I see now that it is not only about physical looks but it is also about intellectual ability to answer questions on the spot. Questions that you don’t have the opportunity see before they are given to you and to be able to answer them convincingly and win, it means that the pageant is really about total package of spirit, body and soul and the mind.

“So let’s celebrate her in the best way we can so that going forward the other two winners of Miss Ghana 2015 who are gearing up for Miss ECOWAS and Miss World will be inspired and motivated to go do their best. You represented our country very well and I applaud you and celebrate you this morning,” she said.

“I am highly elated to be the recipient of so much honour. Words cannot express my gratitude for all the support that has brought me thus far. Indeed, I have never been more proud to be a Ghanaian than now. Since Ghana is the gateway to Africa. Ghana is Africa and vice versa and am humbled by the privilege of representing both Ghana and Africa,” Rebecca said in her response to also congratulate the minister and Ghanaians for their support.

“My greatest desire is to contribute my quota to the drive to positively position Africa. Today, I see myself as a beacon of hope and I offer myself to shine and brighten our darkest path as an ambassador for our endowed continent,” she added.

Inna Patty, Rebecca Asamoah and Hon Dzifa Gomashie

Inna Patty, Rebecca Asamoah and Hon Dzifa Gomashie

Rebecca Asamoah who placed second runner up at Miss Ghana 2015 made Ghana proud after beating 11 finalists drawn from an original list of 40 contestants from across the continent in the inaugural pageant at Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City casino on Saturday, April 30.

She becomes the first woman in history to be crowned Miss Africa Continent ahead of Zambian contestant, Michelo Malambo and South Africa’s Jemimah Kandimiri who placed second and third respectively.

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