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I feel lonely – Ekow Smith-Asante in tears

One ‘project’ that Ecow Smith-Asante is bent on tackling very soon is marriage. The popular actor who thinks loneliness seem to be getting a better part of him is ready to say adieu to bachelorhood to start a family.
According to the 40-year-old actor, apart from pressures for him to get married; other factors such as loneliness have influenced such a decision.

He told Showbiz last Tuesday that “it is not easy being single especially when you are in the limelight. Everyone expects you to be ‘responsible’ which to them means getting married.

“Yes, I may have considered all those factors but the truth is that, I feel lonely. Sometimes, I feel I need someone to share my joy and pain with but there is none. Loneliness just gets the better part of me but I have decided to put an end to that aspect of my life. I need a woman to call my wife”, he stated.

He told Showbiz that it took him a while to take the decision to marry not because he was spoilt for choice when it comes to women and wanted to play “around small” but he came to realise that most of the women who came into his life didn’t really love him but were only interested in sharing in “the glory of fame”.

“You love a woman genuinely while she’s just with you because she takes pride in the fact that she is dating a popular actor. They are only interested in you because they can boast to their friends about you.

“I wasn’t looking for a woman who loves Ecow Smith, the actor, but one who loves and appreciates that young and ambitious single guy working hard to make life meaningful for himself. But unfortunately, those who came into my life looked for ‘what I am’ and not ‘who I am’ ” the father of two said.

Ecow was rather hesitant to give details of his marriage plans and the lucky woman in his life when asked “This is a private matter. Can we keep it like that for now, please? He said amidst laughter.

Ekow Smith-Asante

Ekow Smith-Asante

Ecow also talked about his acting career and described his excitement for playing the lead role in Kwaw Ansah’s latest movie Praising the Lord Plus One.

He said that even though he had played the role of a priest before, his character in Praising the Lord Plus One was quite demanding because “you cannot settle for less when you are playing a Kwaw Ansah movie”

“I won’t say that it was a very challenging role but it was quite demanding because I had to watch videos of some of our charismatic preachers to learn the skills and I must really confess that it was energy sapping. It wasn’t easy at all to preach with such charisma. I really learnt a lot from Kwaw Ansah and was proud of myself at the premiere. He brought out the best in me” he stated.

Talking about his acting career, Ecow, a native of Mampong Akropong said after completing the Presbyterian Training College, Akropong, he was introduced to Freelance Players in 1994 by colleague actor, Wakefield Ackuaku of Nyankonton Players..

He featured on TV series such as Sun City but his big break came in 2003 when he landed the lead role in Super Stars which also featured the late Suzzie Williams. Since then, he has featured in many movies including Brave Souls, Royal Battle, Suffering to Lose among others

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