I Don’t Go About Having Sex With Men For Money – Ghanaian Actress

Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has denied being a prostitute and spoke about the increasing perception and tagging of Ghanaian actresses as prostitutes.

During an interview with NewsOne Newspaper, the budding actress said it is unfair to label Ghanaian actresses as people who sleep with men for money.

“I am not a prostitute. I work hard for my money. I don’t go sleeping around for money and I feel it is not fair to put all of us in that box because we are actresses. It is about time actresses speak up against these insults.”

“It is sad. Because of that men don’t trust us let alone to think about marrying us. It is time we speak against those insults and let’s be watchful of our ways as actresses.”

“It is annoying and I feel violated anytime people easily generalise that actresses are prostitutes. It is so easy for them to say that about us without any shred of evidence and it is sad.”

“Maybe, activities of some actresses overtime have contributed to it, but it is not everyone who has that tendency. Some of us were brought up from good homes and we work hard.”

“A lot of us are decent women and committed to working hard. It is about time we stopped branding actresses as prostitutes. It always gets me thinking when people just conclude that all of us are prostitutes.”

 Kisa Gbekle

Kisa Gbekle

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