How to be a bad guy (Naija Version)

Play boyGuys, Dating na wash oh, so this is how to be a successful play-boy in naija. Nowadays, na play-boy sure pass oh!. Na the rules be this:

This is the most important rule in the game. Girls fall for attractive guys, it’s simple and plain. So guys, hustle and package yourself: take care of your hair, skin, wear nice perfumes, and dress fly!. I’m not talking about skinny jeans, I’m talking about that grown man look and please don’t sag too much.

No mean say you go keep trouser for your chest oh. lol. Be a fine boy bro!!.
All that money wey you use dash one girl wey dey break your heart and no even send you, use it and package yourself so that you can attract more girls. Girls love guys that other girls will trip for, it gives them more self esteem. That’s what’s up oh, wake up!.

If you package yourself and look attractive, you don’t need all that “10 ways to get a girl” bla bla bla, all na hogwash. Girls will come your way, all you need to do is to know when to detect the green light from them and zoom in. If you get nice apartment and car na advantage,all na still under attraction because you will attract a higher class of girls.

2) 50/50:
Please, don’t go extra miles to get any girl. If she likes you, she wouldn’t stress you, things would be smooth ,Stop the excessive calls, text, chats if she is not reciprocating. If you’ve called her 3 times and you never receive 1 call from her, omoh na jonzing oh.

Let her be, she’s not feeling you. Because that same girl wey no dey return your calls, get other guys wey she go dey over-call like 3 times per day. You dey chase am for 3 months but emeka Don straff am within 1 week. Na packaging. That’s why I say you should package and be attractive (number 1 rule).

If you’re attractive, you would have enough girls and the few jonzing girls wouldn’t matter. Even Jay-z can’t get every girl but his “attractive” money can get him enough to last for his lifetime.

Money is good but it’s not the ultimatum when it comes to getting Nigerian girls. If you must spend, spend it on yourself. It’s called packaging… Again the most important rule comes in: be ATTRACTIVE.

Those who depend solely on money to get a Nigerian girl are guys whom are “unpackaged”, ugly or have very low self esteem. Bro, if you’re not bad looking, package yourself and watch things change.

That girl wey you dey buy BB porch for still get guys wey dey straff her for free!!. Don’t be a maga, use that money take package yourself. Even if you spend, it’s gonna be very little and for very important reasons.

I hear guys dey shout say the key to naija girls na money but na pure lie! Be wise. Girls also like sweet-talkers, tell her whatever she loves to hear. If she finds you attractive, the only thing you gotta spend on her is time and maybe a little cash.

In Nigeria, the relationship world is a fairly tale. A pipe dream. Most of the relationship na pure wash. They might feel we are in a relationship but in my mind I’m single. If you have this mindset, you would worry less and give her freedom. Girls love freedom, they hate an over suspicious/nagging guy.

The level of cheating nowadays is hilarious. Brothers,stop putting your hearts in every relationship cause only like 0.5% of Nigerian girls are trustworthy(his oppinion).They are scarce, Be wise. Your girlfriend fit get like 5 other bad guys wey dey service am. I dey laff you!!. You nor dey see wetin dey happen for our social media?. Na only you like to straff abi? Hahaha!

Its good to have at least at 4 or 5 girlfriends in this computer age oh. I pity guys wey dey form “I’m faithful” to one. Bro, that your “faithful” girl might be Doing other dudes.

That’s why she breaks your heart, When you have enough girls, no one of them can deeply hurt you. It’s easy, you just pick the next best one and in a few days all that memories of your ex is swept clean.

No matter how attractive and hot you are, there’s always someone out there that could outshine you. But it’s cool.Its a dog eat dog world. If a hotter/ richer guy snatches my girls attention, I wouldn’t care deep cuz I know I got more and I’d still attract someone else’s girlfriend too!…. And the circle continues. That’s how it goes, no hard feelings.


Sorry, I can teach you this but its important. Learn to be a giant at it, be the best you can be. Them like am die. If you’re good, she would keep coming back.

N/B: don’t be foolish bro, always keep a good girl and if possible, wife her. They are extremely scarce in naija so you must hold on and never let go if you find her. A wise Guy can identify a good girl. I met one during my youth service but sadly, she was married. Morals, soul, beauty,brains: A perfect woman. Until I find her, I shall keep pimping these girls.

Culled from Nairaland

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