How Dumsor Is Killing Kumawood – Twi-Speaking Movie Industry

Some members of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) in Ashanti Region are lacing their boots to hit the streets of Kumasi on Thursday to protest against the government over the power rationing crisis in the country, also known as Dumsor.

The protest march is dubbed Esum Aduru Yen is expected to attract movie producers, actresses, actors as well as movie enthusiasts in Kumasi and its environs.Kumawood stars

According to the General Secretary of the Association, James Aboagye in an interview with Nhyira FM in Kumasi …

“Some producers have gone for loans to produce movies. They couldn’t even break even letalone making profit. They are losing their properties to these financial institutions. I know a couple of producers whose properties they used as collaterals have been taken away by these financial institutions.

“I know some of them who have fallen sick as a result of pressure from the banks they took loans from. So we just want to appeal to government that; if there is something they can do, they have to expedite action”.

“If there is any industry that has seriously been hit by the dumsor, I will say it is the film industry because film is photography and photography is light. So if there is no energy to power the lights, then there is no film. Right from production till you finish the movie; you need light. Then the consumption, you need light [power] so if there is no power to create consumption, it means there is no demand.”

Actress Yvonne Nelson led a mammoth vigil on the streets of Accra to register their displeasure at the government over the power crisis.

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