How Does Okyeame Kwame Stay Relevant with His Music from 1997?

Music, like any other form of Art or as business venture is pivoted on commitments in a wide range of focuses. It is hitherto strongly attached to the strings of constant drawbacks. In other words, society is evolving. People are embracing new ways of life. The world is shedding its old skin with each passing second. New seeds are budding. Nothing remains old.

The overwhelming flooding of the scene by new crop of artistes each day coupled with our insatiable need for new flavors of music is sure to endanger any artiste. In Ghana, for instance, we have had to make transitions, leaving musicians washed ashore in the process. Time changes. Rappers come and go.

Nevertheless, we can lay a finger on the versatile, heavyweight rapper Okyeame Kwame for his long-standing dominance. As former half of the legendary hip life group Akyeame, who started off in 1997 peaking in 1999, Okyeame has continued to maintain a strong playing position in the game.

Okyeame Kwame and Quophie Okyeame of Akyeame

Okyeame Kwame and Quophie Okyeame of Akyeame

In spite of the rude turbulence of the storm sweeping old heads under the carpet, we have seen the versatile rapper stand the test of time. We are witnesses to his ability to amass wild, stunning crowd engagement at performances. He attracts the most ambassadorial deals and lands the biggest endorsements in these parts and like it is apparent, B.R.A Kwame is one of the sure picks for any local or international honors.

So the big question is this: how does Okyeame Kwame continue to stay relevant?  How does his music remain germane? How has he stayed afloat for nineteen years and counting? Back to the marine analogy – which anchor holds him in the storms?

Could it be his brand? Could it be his promotion tactics? Will it be a gainsay to say he’s probably got an efficient and efficient management team? How about assuming his products and services are well placed in a way that is readily available and assessable?

Is it his insistence on inspiring creative difference?  Is it because he is scandal-free? Do you think his secret is buried is his lyrical decency? Can we associate his longevity to his versatility, intelligence, friendliness, creativity?

Let’s get talking!

Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame

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