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House Swap: Maria, Annabel, Pokello and Bassey traded

When the time for the Head of House Swap rolls in, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of drama in the House.

Today HoH Feza chose to swap Maria and Annabel from the Diamond House to Ruby and chose to trade Bassey and Pokello from Ruby House to the Diamond. While the other three Housemates took the news in their stride, the feisty Zimbabwean was spitting fire this evening. “She better pray I go home on Sunday because I hold a grudge for life. I don’t play that I am not that kind of bitch,” she cautioned. Oh snap! Here come the claws, meow!

The young boutique owner and her man Elikem were gutted by the Tanzanian HoH’s decision to part them. After the announcement was made, the pair headed into the bedroom where Pokello vented to her boo about Feza and the two speculated about Feza’s real motives for moving her.

The Ghana man concluded that this swap is the Tanzanian’s way of pre-empting the fallout from Sunday’s Evictions. “She doesn’t want you to be here when she announces that she picked to swap you on Sunday. She wants you to be gone for a week so that you have time to cool off if you don’t leave on Sunday,” he rationed to his lady. “And she chose Annabel because she is her ally,” Pokello added.

Elikem may not know it yet but he is right on the money; Feza did in fact use her ‘Save and Replace’ power to save Sulu and replace him with Pokello on the Nomination list and we can’t wait to see her reaction on Sunday. The Chase is on now!

What do you think of Feza’s House swap picks; did she choose well?

Watch Feza’s announcement in the video below


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