Holy Tango – Pastor, woman leader locked in battle

Women fighting

The popular saying that ”hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” appears to be playing in the case between gospel musician and pastor Rev Seth Baah known for hit songs such as ‘Alpha and Omega’, ‘I hear Thy Welcome Voice’ and church leader, Miss Gifty Amponsah.

The two are locked in a legal battle in Maryland, USA, over money and relationship claims and counter claims.

Gifty is claiming an amount of $20,830.19 from Rev Baah as being money she lent to the pastor to help him towards the establishment of a branch of his church, Praise Chapel International in the US.

According to her, as a leader in her church, Assemblies of in Maryland, it was her duty to see to the comfort of visiting pastors such as Rev Baah who was a visiting pastor from UK.

She told Showbiz over the phone that she established a cordial relationship with Rev. Baah when she hosted him in her house throughout his stay in Maryland until he later decided to establish his own church, Praise Chapel International also in Maryland.

Gifty said she lent an amount of $20,830.19 to Rev Baah for the commencement of his church though a written agreement.

Later, however, when it was time for him to pay back the money, he appeared unwilling to do so.

When this reporter contacted Rev.Baah, the pastor’s attorneys Louis M. Leibowitz, LLC responded to the allegations against their client.

They confirmed that indeed Gifty, as the Hospitality Leader in her church, hosted Rev. Baah at her home in Maryland for some months when he was a visiting pastor and the two spend much time together.

According to a counterclaim in court, the attorneys submitted that it was during Rev Baah’s stay at Gifty’s place where she cooked and entertained him that she developed romantic feelings for him and expected that her feelings would be reciprocated.

Eventually, Rev.Baah decided to open his own branch of the church at Maryland and Gifty voluntarily decided to contribute money to assist in the new churches establishment.

However, things turned sour when Gifty got to know that Rev. Baah had married another woman in Maryland thereby thwarting her long cherished dream of having him to herself.

The counterclaim stated that in February last year Gifty stormed Rev Baah’s church premises while the pastor was delivering a sermon and disrupted the service by raining insults on him and calling him a liar and thief in front of his church members.

Gifty also went ahead to distribute fliers that carried defamatory statements against him which eventually led to a mass desertion of members from his church.

All these, the counterclaim said, were aimed as revenge on Mr. Baah for rejecting her romantic advances.

But Gifty denies that she has revenge motives.

When Showbiz asked her if her actions were not a revenge on Rev. Baah for abandoning her for another lady, she said, “Revenge is of the Lord and not man. I want justice served that is why I took him to court and to educate the public especially women who seem to be his target. I don’t want him to hurt more single innocent women. He is not a man of God but a fraud who uses the church as his money making venture”.


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