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Hiplife Facts! Former Rapper Quophi Okyeame says Mike Cooke of Vibe FM originally conceived the Hiplife genre

Former rapper Quophi Okyeame, formerly known as Okyeame Quophi of the defunct Hiplife group, Akyeame has waded into the controversy surrounding who the originator of the Hiplife genre is.

For the past few years, Reggie Rockstone has been known and referred to as the originator and grandpa of Hiplife. Recently, a musician and presenter, Root Eye revealed that contrary to the views held my many, Zapp Mallet was the true originator of Hiplife and not Reggie Rockstone.

In a Facebook post, Quophie Okyeame gives facts about hiplife.

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone


The genre was originally conceived by Mike cook of Vibe fm fame.

The first Hiplife song was produced by Zapp Mallet and Mike cook in 1994 at combined House of music. Reggie was the rapper on that track they titled Hiplife,after also deliberating on Hi-pop as a name. The song was launched at club Makumba.Reggie the rapper did not show up for the launch. The same song later came to be known as Chooboi.

Mike Cooke the real grand papa,Patented the genre and therefore officially owns it.

Hiplife is not just twi rap.Hiplife is a musical genre fusion which takes music skill to produce. In this regard Zapp mallet deserves the credit and honor.

The Chooboi Rap verse 1 took approximately two months to be put together. Making it the longest time needed to write a verse.

Please let’s give credit where it’s due.

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