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#GhanaGist: Having tattoos doesn’t make you a gangster


Having tattoos on any parts of your body is no big deal but that practice is often frowned on in this part of the world.

There is serious misconception and often people with tattoos are regularly referred to as gangsters.

Andrew, one half of the Hiplife duo, Keche who has about 25 tattoos thinks otherwise.

“I have in a few instances encounter people who see you different because you have tattoos. I am an artist and I really appreciate artistic creations; to me tattoos are nothing but a form of inspiration in a way of appreciating art.’’

“Aside art, tattoos are a way of showing loyalty to things that really mean the world to you. Lest we forget tattoos have been around for centuries and have served different purposes. So it is very important to understand why someone inks rather than automatically judge them.’’

To him, the three most important tattoos on his body is the daughter’s name, the group name Keche and an eagle.

‘’These three mean a lot to me, my daughter’s name (Giovanna) reminds me of that responsible role I have to play each day as a proud father. I decided to tattoo KECHE cos the group is our legacy.  We’ve been through a lot and anytime I look at it puts a smile on my face. For the eagle, it represents my ambitions, the eagle is always flying high and that’s exactly what i’m aiming for.’’

Rounding up our chitchat, Andrew hinted there is the possibility he might be spotted with new tattoos.

‘’Why not, if the need arises for me to ink more I will. I will always love art but to the youth my little advice is, fully understand the concept of tattoos before you ink so you don’t feel guilty later. It’s more like a commitment to your girlfriend,’’ he concluded with a smile.

Andrew of Keche Andrew of Keche Andrew of Keche

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