Hate campaign against Obour

ObourAn axis of evil within the Creative Arts sector has activated an ominous hate campaign targeted at Bice ‘Obour’ Kufour, President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and regrettably, some of our colleague journalists have become innocent tools used in perpetrating this diabolic agenda.

This agenda is secretly orchestrated and manipulated by persons who cannot muster courage to show their faces, but lurk in the shadows and play on the emotions of aggrieved persons to create a storm.

Those of us who have been around long enough to appreciate the factions in the creative arts sector as well as the politics that surrounded Obour’s rise to the MUSIGA Presidency comprehend the issues better.

As a media house with an ear to the ground, we are aware that the whole noise about Obour allegedly refusing to be accountable is aimed at dwindling the confidence of the companies and individuals who may wish to sponsor the Union’s future events.

We respect the ethics of journalism and are therefore restrained in breaching confidentiality, else we would put out a few off-record information on how this whole nonsense against Obour was plotted and which persons are behind it.

What the axis of evil forgets is that MUSIGA is bigger than Obour; therefore it does not make sense to run the entire Union down in a quest to injure the reputation of the union’s president.

What is even more shameful is when members of the Union who occupy leadership positions, put aside the laid down procedures and regulations of addressing issues and rather hop from one radio station to another, making ugly noises and misinforming the public with bits and pieces of heavily edited information that would make sense in the court of public opinion, but cannot stand the test of time.

Yet these same Union leaders, when invited to come and explain their exact complaint, decline the invitation with a laughable excuse that their lives are at stake.

As for Obour, we only pity him but cannot weep for him because he has invited this onto himself.

If he does not see the need to employ the full time services of trained public relations persons and pay them realistic salaries to handle his communication issues, he would continue to be a cockroach in the court of hens and fowls.

His only consolation may be in the good old saying that haters only hate the people they can’t beat.


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