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‘Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner’ Premieres On November 20

If you are a sucker for food and surprises, this will definitely excite you!  Guess who is going to serve you with a big bang of sumptuous TV surprises! Your guess is a delicious one if Naa Ashorkor came to mind.

Yes! Naa Ashokor and the cooking reality show GUESS WHO IS COMING FOR DINNER returns back on your TV screens and premiers on GhOne TV on SUNDAY November 20th at 2 PM.Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner

The hit cooking reality show which helps people celebrate  certain special individuals in their lives by planning a surprise dinner for them; has seen successful seasons all hosted by the gorgeous, Naa Ashorkor! If there was nothing to muse on about all the episodes of GUESS WHO IS COMING FOR DINNER, then you will definitely not forget the surprise “’victims’’ who are always overwhelmed to tears!  Is there a better way to cry than before a table of good food and loved ones?

Meals served at dinner are prepared by the finest and first-rate chefs, with the assistance of Naa Ashorkor and the masterminds of the surprise dinner whose special someone is going to be surprised!  The meal is made over conversations about their relationship with the recipient of the surprise who is mostly a relative, working colleague or a close friend or even a spouse.Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner

The new season of GUESS WHO IS COMING FOR DINNER pledges to be mouth-watering, toothsome with lots of celebrity surprises, kitchen tips that will knock your socks off! Your Sunday afternoons are about to become super exciting as GUESS WHO IS COMING FOR DINNER airs every Sundays at 3:30pm on GhOne TV with the premier episode starting this Sunday 13th of November 2016

GUESS WHO IS COMING FOR DINNER is a Charterhouse live production sponsored by Frytol and Fortune rice.

Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner

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