GOtv launches Subscriber Self Service Platforms

GOtv has launched the GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms, packed with features, that provide subscribers with the tools to manage their accounts.

The GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms currently available are Short Message Service (SMS), Blackberry, Android and Apple Applications, WeChat, Eazy, Facebook and Website. With these platforms, GOtv subscribers can perform diverse functions ranging from self-activation,  subscriber clear error codes,  subscriber require information, subscriber request due balance and due date, subscriber email and mobile number update for and payment options information.  However, subscriber user patterns made it necessary for a wider range of self service methods to be developed on various platforms.

Using the new GOtv Self-Service platforms, subscribers are able to activate their decoders, clear error codes, maintain their customer details and obtain information on payment options as well as the date on which their next monthly subscription is due.  Other features being developed include making payments, upgrading to a higher bouquet and finding GOtv dealers.

The GOtv Self Service platforms are designed to be accessible from mobile devices, which include, but are not limited to normal cell phones, WAP, smartphone, tablet or desktop and ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience.

The Director of GOtv Ghana Limited, Mr. Cecil Sunkwa-Mills said GOtv delivers a selection of exciting channels with great picture and sound quality and the GOtv Self Service platforms will ensure that susbscribers are always connected to  the digital television revolution in their homes”.

The Business Manager of GOtv Ghana Limited, Mr. Kingsley Afful, indicated that subscribers can conveniently manage their GOtv account from their computers and mobile devices using the GOtv Self Service platforms, adding that, GOtv is currently has the “best value” pay television offering on Digital Terrestrial Transmission”.

Other features to be introduced include making payments, upgrading to a superior bouquet and finding GOtv dealers.

Visit for more information on GOtv Subscriber Self Service platforms.

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