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VOLT: Join Channel O as it takes a biographical look at some of the big names in the African music scene and presents them to viewers in a series of documentaries. Topics discussed on the show range from the artists’ musical journeys, achievements, personal and professional struggles and how they’ve contributed to the African music industry. To kick off Season 2, we meet multiple Channel O Music Video Award winner, singer and songwriter 2Face who shot to fame with his international hit song ‘African Queen’. (GOtv: Tuesdays, at 18:00 CAT)


Behind The Music – Ice Cube: Follow the career of legendary rapper, Ice Cube, through his journey as founding member of the notorious group, NWA, to a blockbuster movie star. It all starts in South Central LA. (GOtv: Monday, 15 April at 22:00 CAT) 


CSI: There’s a science to catching a killer. The team from CSI is back hunting down clues and evidence on the gritty streets of Las Vegas. CSI is a show about a team of forensic investigators, led by the brilliant but awkward Gil Grissom, as they go deep into the world of science, laboratories, crime and police investigations. CSI has become a worldwide phenomenon with its intelligent script, plot and characters and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Hollywood’s leading movie and series developer. Catch season three of CSI every week. (GOtv: Mondays and Tuesday, 20:55 CAT.)


Bullets, Blood And A Fistful Of Cash: An action-packed tale of bloody revenge and retribution. Centring on the story of Cash, a gun-slinging ex-convict is on a mission to kill the man who murdered his wife. This movie interweaves the stories of nine criminals and how they pull Cash deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld in their pursuit of street justice. Expect a trail of death, destruction and demolition in this single-minded quest for payback – where all that’s left will be bullets, blood and a fistful of cash. (GOtv: Monday, 15 April at 21:00 CAT) 


Absolute Wild Tuesday: Every Tuesday delve into the most extraordinary corners of the natural world as researchers explore Mother Nature’s hidden wonders. From the South Pole to the Amazon jungle, the Sahara to Siberia and everything else in between. Join the Nat Geo Wild team on their journey of discovery as they go absolutely wild in their quest to understand nature a little bit more every week. (GOtv: Tuesdays, at 18:00 CAT)


Marvin Marvin (New series): Being a kid is hard work! And for Marvin, it’s exceptionally harder because he is an alien. When his home planet of Klooton is invaded by evil aliens known as the Klerg, Marvin’s parents send him to Earth for his safety. He is adopted by the Formans, a typical wholesome family. Amidst the chaos in trying to figure everything and everyone out, hiding his true identity and always having to remember his untrue stories, Marvin also has to take everything in his stride as a normal, human, high-school student. (GOtv: every Friday, starting on 12 April at 18:05 CAT)


In more EPL action, on 13th April at 15:50 CAT, Everton will take on the Queens Park Rangers. Everton is a team that has proven that they can hold their own against league giants such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Led by David Moyes, Everton will test the limits of the Queens Park Rangers in their pursuit to be in the top four of the league.

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