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e-AFRICA (GOtv Channel 15) 

RHYTHM CITY: S’bu arrives to see Bash with his clothes in a bag and Patricia tries to get Nkhensani to sign over her empire to Naomi. David is cultivating his relationship with Dr. Ongers and Ronald comes to offer David his services. Lucilla realises that her professional life is on a winning streak but personally, she is very much alone. Jafta’s plan to keep Lindi backfires while Mamoketi feels guilty about keeping Lindi a secret from Rose. S’fiso catches Lucilla in a vulnerable moment as she tries to heal after John’s rejection and David gets anxious about his situation in prison. (GOtv: Mondays to Fridays at 18:30 CAT)

SCANDAL!: Caught up in a web of lies, Scelo finds himself asking his coach to lie on his behalf. Gloria starts her printing business after hours, but her prints mysteriously disappear. Daniel confronts Donna about what she and Mangi are hiding but all Donna will reveal is that if the secret comes out, it will destroy the Nyathis. Mlungisi kicks Scelo out of the house and it has unexpected consequences. Just when it looks like the Ngemas may be reunited, some shocking news threatens to change the family forever. (GOtv: Mondays to Thursdays at 19:30 CAT)  

MTV BASE (GOtv Channel 72) 

MTV BASE OFFICIAL NAIJA TOP 10: A weekly interactive show based on the votes of Nigerian viewers, MTV Base Naija Top 10 will feature selections from high profile music industry experts and DJs, and their take on what is the hottest and most influential music in Naija right now.  Hosted by the brand new MTV Base VJ, Ehizojia “Ehiz” Okoeguale, catch the latest, freshest and newest representative of the most current music! (GOtv: Tuesday, 05 March at 20:00 CAT.)

BLACKBELT TV (GOtv Channel 814) 

BLACK PANTHER: A martial arts champion is tricked into smuggling drugs by his false friends. When the police catch him and he serves time in jail, he soon breaks out to take revenge and bring the real gangsters to justice. Catch this action-packed movie about finding true friendship and the pursuit of fairness and integrity on GOtv: Saturday, 02 March, at 19:00 CAT.

18 FATAL STRIKES: This movie tells the story of Tung Wei and his introduction to the ways of a warrior. After learning the deadly and mysterious 18 Buddha Palm technique from a monk on the run from an evil warlord, Tung becomes determined to use his newfound martial arts skills against the evil Manchu army. A movie about discovering your purpose in the most unlikely places and standing up for justice. (GOtv: Wednesday, 06 March at 17:00 CAT) 

3 ROUNDS WITH… DANNY TREJO: You might not know his name but his face is instantly recognisable. He’s played the bad-man mercenary in many movies that have attained a world-wide following and he’s starred alongside some of the biggest actors in Hollywood including George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Jean-Claude van Damme, Charles Bronson and Al Pacino. What most people don’t know about Trejo is that he’s a champion boxer – and he earned this title in prison when he was serving time as a young man. Now a Hollywood star, Trejo talks with Jabbin’ JJ about the life lessons that prison and movie sets have taught him, and why he chose to be a boxer instead belonging to a prison gang. (GOtv: Sunday, 03 March at 21:00 CAT and Friday, 08 March at 18:30 CAT)

SONY (GOtv Channel 21)

A SOLDIER’S STORY: In a time when racism and prejudice are a norm, Captain Davenport is called in to investigate the murder of an African-American soldier (Sergeant Waters) in an all-black army regiment. With many suspects to investigate and only a few days to conclude the case, Davenport’s investigation soon reveals that Waters’ murder was no ordinary bigotry-fuelled killing and that racial identity runs more than just skin deep. A movie praised for its finesse, story-telling and class, A Soldier’s Story took the world and the American box-office by storm as it won multiple awards and helped seal the careers of today’s Hollywood stars such as Denzel Washington, David Alan Grier and William Allen Young. (GOtv: Wednesday, 06 March at 20:00 CAT)

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