GOtv Highlights for the week; July 17-24

Mr. Kingsley Afful, GOtv Business Manager

Mr. Kingsley Afful, GOtv Business Manager

M-NET MOVIES ZONE (GOtv Plus Channel 2)


A young suburban couple are given a black box, and if they push the red button on it they could get a million dollars. But there’s a catch: someone, somewhere will die every time they push it.

Cameron Diaz as Norma Lewis
James Marsden as Arthur Lewis
Frank Langella as Arlington Steward

Watch The Box on Saturday, 19 July at 20:00 CAT

CHANNEL O (GOtv Channel 70)


You’ve got to hand it to Lil’ Kim. She’s got more fire than most – even going so far as to ask her fans to buy her presents from her baby registry in May this year. But her music has always had plenty of sass – starting with her debut album Hard Core, which appeared in 1996.Over nearly 20 years, the rapper has carved out a credible career.

Zone-In: Lil Kim is on Saturday 20 July at 19:00 CAT on Channel O.


Turn Up is Channel O’s new weekly live music and interactive flagship show that is already finding a fanbase throughout the continent. Beaming out of your favourite music channel, tune in andTurn-Up to be part of the best television music happening on the continent, right now.

Presented by Siyabonga Ngwekazi.

Don’t miss Turn Up on Friday 25 July at 19:00 on Channel O.

SONY MAX (GOtv Channel 21)


Time for the hubbies of Tinseltown to step up! This spoof of The Real Housewives of… follows comedian Kevin Hart and other married stars such as Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin and JB Smoove as they navigate their surreal celebrity lives in Hollywood.

Don’t miss Real Husbands of Hollywood on Friday, 18 July at 21:00 CAT



Black Men Revealed continues to give an insightful look into the black male experience, with heated and interesting discussions from the regular panel of hosts. Examining current hot topics, everyday issues and often controversial situations, the panel of celebrities and intellectuals includes Yvetta Young and star actor Reggie Watkins.



Discover everything you’ve wanted to know about your favourite music stars, as E! presents an exclusive look at exactly how they became who they are. From conversations with pop starlets Selena Gomez (at 12:00 CAT) and Carly Rae Jepson (at 18:00 CAT) to an exclusive interview with No Doubt (at 15:00 CAT) to discuss friendship, music and kids, learn what keeps them grounded and what makes them tick. Explore the versatile careers of Katy Perry (at 14:00) and Nicki Minaj (19:00) and (at 13:00 CAT) and Jason Derulo’s (at 18:30 CAT) turbulent rise to international stardom, discovering the surprising, uplifting and entertaining journeys these artists took to where they are today.

TELEMUNDO (GOtv Plus Channel 13)


Fearless Heart follows the story about two women who have known each other from their childhood. Ángela Valdez is a poor, modest and humble girl whose parents work for the influential and powerful family of Sandoval. Samantha Sandoval Navarro is a girl from the rich family where Angela’s parents work for, and she is the one to try and possess anything she wants. As a daughter of the wealthy person in the town, she has a bodyguard, Miguel Valdez. One day Samantha is kidnapped and they have to struggle to free her.

Fearless Heart Premieres on Telemundo on Monday 21 July at 16:20 CAT

CNN (GOtv Plus Channel 42)


Each week, Inside Africa highlights the true diversity of the continent as seen through the prism of different cultures and religions and the mediums of art, music, travel and literature.

This international award-winning show will open your eyes to a new Africa.

Watch Inside Africa on Friday 18 July at 18:30 CAT on CNN.

NICKELODEON (GOtv Channel 62)


On Saturday 19 July make sure you’ve done all your chores, hung out with your parents and told your friends not to bother you because you’re not going to want to move from 14:00 CAT because there is a serious Spongebob marathon happening over on Nickelodeon.

Grab your front row seat, have your snacks on hand and make sure your blanket is close by because it’s time to bunk down with Spongebob.

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