GOtv Highlights for the week!

Sony Max (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 21) 

I Bet You Will: How far would you go and what would you do for money? Some people will do anything whilst some others can’t bear the thought of losing a bet. In this show, Morgan Spurlock, the creative brain behind the documentary Super Size Me, sets out to issue wacky and embarrassing challenges to strangers anticipating they will rise to the bait. He and his team approach unsuspecting targets on the streets, beaches, university grounds and shops to dare them to carry out a stunt in return for cash. The catch though is that the stunts are not pleasant or fun, and often the bet has to be increased to tempt guests into accepting the dare. We bet you will! (GOtv: starts Thursday, 18 July at 20:30 CAT, and continues weekdays at 20:30 CAT)

M-Net Movies Zone (GOtv Plus, Ch 2)

The Company We Keep: Starring Nefetari Spencer as Teri Stewart, the young CEO of Eclectic Records, this movie is about Teri’s juggling act between love and an increasingly demanding professional life. As she tries to save her struggling music label in the cut-throat and competitive music industry, Teri has to deal with dating, friendship, relationships and the emotional ups and down of her personal relationships. But as she encounters new challenges she starts to ask herself: can she really have it all? A movie about aspiration, the pressures that come with a career, and finding love despite obstacles. (GOtv: Sunday, 21 July at 21:00 CAT)

P2: It’s Christmas Eve in New York City, and workaholic Angela is working until late at night. When she is ready to drive to her family’s Christmas party, her car will not start and she calls a cab. However, she is unable to leave the building because all the exits are locked, she calls on the help of the night-watch security guard and asks him to open up one of the gates for her. What starts out as a chance encounter becomes Angela’s worst nightmare as the security guard turns out to be an obsessive psychopath who drugs and keeps her trapped inside the building. A gripping thriller with plenty of spine-chilling moments, P2 will have you on the edge of your seat. Be sure not to miss it! (GOtv: Thursday, 18 July at 21:00 CAT)


E! Entertainment (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 25)

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Take a peek past the glamour and into the private lives of America’s most famous celebrity family as E! takes you into the hectic world of Kim Kardashian and her siblings. With their mother married to Olympic champion Bruce Jenner and two stepsisters thrown into the mix, can the two clans come together to form a united front or will their need to be in the spotlight result in them ruining their relationships with each other? This month, the drama continues as Kim deals with her pregnancy and blossoming relationship with Kanye West, while Kris tries her best to keep the family together despite everything. (GOtv: starts Sunday, 21 July at 21:00 CAT; and continues every Sunday at 21:00 CAT)

What Would Ryan Lochte Do: Join E! this month for an exclusive look into the life of American competitive swimmer and Olympian Ryan Lochte, as he prepares himself both mentally and physically to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Follow Ryan as he tries to balance his training with spending time with his family and friends, making media appearances, and working on his own fashion line, all the while trying to find true love. This month, Ryan tries his hand at politics while he and his mum bond on a trip to Washington, DC. Then things get complicated when one of his lady friends from London visits him in the middle of an important swim meet. (GOtv: starts Sunday, 21 July at 22:00 CAT; and continues every Sunday at 22:00 CAT)

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