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GOtv Ghana Limited launched a mega promo to reward its existing and new subscribers. And the promo is still running, existing subscribers should pay two months subscription upfront and new subscribers should connect for three months to stand the chance to win big.

The 1st Draw which took place at the Achimota New Station, Accra, saw the lucky winners walk away with new LED Digital TVC sets ranging from 39′, 32′, Walkas, Home Theatre Systems, Mobile Phones, Dinner -for- 2 coupons, Electric irons, Sandwich makers and over 50 goody bags. Four more draws are scheduled around the country to reward as many customers as possible.

The Grand Draw will be held at the end of the promo will, however see one lucky winner driving away in a BRAND NEW SALOON CAR.

Super Yachts Wed, 07 Jan 8:00PM GMT Discovery World 50

Explore the dazzling and extravagant world of luxury yacht building in brand new series Super Yachts.

Featuring every conceivable luxury from swimming pools, cocktail bars and top of the range entertainment systems to helipads and mini submarine docks, these spectacular sailboats are the ultimate in glamorous living and exclusive design.

Gaining behind the scenes access to some of the best ship yards in the Netherlands, one of the leading nations in bespoke yacht construction, this eye-opening series meets the people responsible for commissioning, building and running these outstanding vessels.

Revealing the secrets behind these floating palaces, each episode follows the manufacturing process from the initial blueprints to the maiden voyage, and examines the state of the art technical innovations and design implementations that distinguish these boats from any other.

Watch Super Yachts on Wednesday 7 January at 8:00PM GMT on Discovery World.

Ten 2 One: New R&B female voices Thu, 08 Jan 8:10AM GMT Channel O 70

A countdown of a local or global hitmaker’s top hit videos.

Broken Angel Thu, 08 Jan 4:00PM GMT Telemundo 13

January, Santa and Humberto finally arrive at the Robledo family cabin and meet Ines and Santiago. Arturo tells Mara they should travel to Canada.

For Young Men & Woman Only Thu, 08 Jan 5:00 FAITH 80

This one-hour JCTV special takes a close look at dating and relationships in a practical way, helping young men and women understand the opposite sex.

The authors of the best-selling books For Young Men Only and For Young Women.

Only provide tools for better communication, self-esteem, and healthy relationships

Watch For Young Men & Woman Only on Thursday 8 January at 5:00 on FAITH.

The Wendy Williams Show Thu, 08 Jan 9:00PM GMT BET 22

Hosted by the unique, distinctive and entertaining personality that is Wendy Williams, this provocative talk-show features a mix of celebrity interviews and performances with guests from television, film, music and sports.

During popular segments “Ask Wendy” and “Hot Topics”, Williams offers real advice to audience members looking for solutions to problems and her own unpredictable, honest and opinionated take on the juiciest headlines.

Henry Danger Fri, 09 Jan 3:45PM GMT Nickelodeon 62

How it would feel to be the trustworthy sidekick of an awesome superhero? That’s precisely what 13 year old Henry Hart becomes when he lands the job of his dreams: to be Kid Danger, the courageous companion of Captain Man! But keeping it a secret from his family and friends will be a harder task than it seems.

Tune in to Nickelodeon on Friday 9 January at 3:45PM GMT to watch Henry Danger.

Fault Lines Fri, 09 Jan 6:30PM GMT Al Jazeera 40

Al Jazeera’s award-winning series, Fault Lines, returns bringing some more compelling, investigative reports that examine America’s role in the world.  With an experienced team who aren’t afraid to ask tough questions, they take an in-depth look at the stories making the headlines, and ensure that those in power are held to account.

Opioid Wars

The last few years have seen a massive surge in heroin use. But behind the recent flurry of headlines about heroin is a much more widespread wave of addiction to legal opioids – OxyContin, Vicodin, and other painkillers commonly available in the US. A recent study found that 4 in 5 heroin users previously abused prescription opioids. In the last fifteen years, at least 100,000 people have died from prescription opioid abuse.

So, why did the FDA approve yet another powerful opioid, Zohydro?


Saturday 10 January, 2015

Barclays Premier League , Matchday 21: Everton v Man City  —  16:45 on SSL2 LIVE
Barclays Premier League , Matchday 21: Everton v Man City  —  16:45 on SL2G LIVE
Serie A: , Matchday 18: Sassuolo v Udinese  —  18:55 on SSL2 LIVE
Serie A: , Matchday 18: Sassuolo v Udinese  —  18:55 on SL2G LIVE

Sunday 11 January, 2015
Spanish La Liga , Matchday 18: Granada v Real Sociedad —  19:55 on SSL2 LIVE
Spanish La Liga , Matchday 18: Granada v Real Sociedad —  19:55 on SL2G LIVE
Serie A: , Matchday 18: Napoli v Juventus  —  21:40 on SS3A LIVE
Spanish La Liga , Matchday 18: Barcelona v Atlético Madrid —  21:55 on SS5A LIVE


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