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Happy Birthday Telemundo


NBCUniversal and Multichoice continue to pull out all the stops by showcasing the best telenovelas on the small screen

For a year, Telemundo Africa on GOtv channel 13 has been gripping GOtv subscribers across the continent with its offering of high quality, first-run telenovelas featuring dramatic storylines, glamorous cast and exotic locations.

To mark the milestone, Telemundo launched a brand new telenovela titled Broken Angel, which features real life sweethearts and Telemundo favourites Carlos Ponce and Ximena Duque along with Gaby Espino and Aaron Diaz.

Broken Angel which is a 136 episodes, follows the story of a woman on a quest seeking revenge for the murder of her husband, as she falls in love with her accomplice.

Telemundo launched last year with four telenovelas, namely: Aurora, My Heart Beats for Lola (which became Telemundo’s most popular telenovela locally), Behind Closed Doors and Precious Rose. This year, Telemundo brought viewers more top rating telenovelas from the US including Labour of Love, The Queen of the South and Someone’s Watching.

Since the channel’s launch, a number of high profile Telemundo talent from as far afield as Mexico, Columbia and the US visited the African content including Angelica Celaya, Aylin Mujica, Catherine Siachoque, Rafael Amaya, David Chocarro, Jorge Luis Pila, Ana Layevska, Fabian Rios, Ximena Duque and Carlos Ponce.

Undoubtedly fans across Africa will continue to feel Telemundo’s passion for many months to come with great new telenovelas playing out on the small screen at the moment, like the gripping thriller Someone’s Watching, the eerie love story of Elena’s Ghost and the tale of two empowered female bodyguards in Fearless Heart. The last premiere of 2014 will be Where Is Elisa that launches in October.


Ximena Duque

This young actress was born on January 30th, 1985, in the city of Cali, Colombia. Supported by her mother, Ximena decided to move to Miami. Once she settled there, the young model began her artistic career taking acting and diction courses until she achieved what became her stellar start participating in the second season of Telemundo´s Reality Show “Protagonistas de Novela” (2003).

From that moment on, she has worked in important telenovelas with Telemundo, such as “Decisiones” (2005-2007) and the telenovelas “Pecados Ajenos” (2007), “El Rostro de Analia” (2008), where she stood out with her character Camila Moncada, “Valeria” (2008), “Victorinos” (2009) and “Bella Calamidades” (2009), sharing credits with Danna Garcia.

Later, and also with Telemundo, this talented actress became part of the stellar cast of the suspense and drama production called “Someone`s Watching” (2010). Ximena played Camila Wood in this super production and shared her work with great actors and actresses, including Cristian Meier, Danna Garcia and Karla Monroig.

In 2011 and under the same roof, Ximena was part of the casting of the successful story written by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, “Behind Closed Doors”, together with great international actors and actresses, including Gabriel Porras, Miguel Varoni, Maritza Rodriguez, Catherine Siachoque and David Chocarro. In it, she played Carola Conde, a rebellious woman with no prejudices, the rival of her sister Ignacia, in a story of mystery which exposes the secrets of two families that pretend to have a normal life.

In 2012 and once again, with Telemundo, Duque starred on the production that defined her professional career after giving life to the sexy bodyguard, Samantha Valdez, in the television success called “Fearless Heart”. There, she shared credits with great talents such as Adriana Fonseca, Jorge Luis Pila, Jose Luis Resendez, Aylin Mujica and Fabian Rios, among others. For her great chemistry with her male costar and fellow countryman Fabian Rios, the stars earned the awards for Best Kiss and Best Couple during the award ceremony for “Premios Tu Mundo” (2012).

In 2013, she stood out with her antagonistic role of Ines Robledo in the suspense and revenge drama called “Broken Angel”, another story written by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, which had an impeccable casting led by the famous Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino, together with the heartthrobs Aaron Diaz and Carlos Ponce, who composed and sang the musical theme of the telenovela.

Fabián Ríos

This handsome young Colombian actor born on a July 5 left his home town while he was too young in order to follow his acting dreams. He arrived at Bucaramanga and he studied acting. Once he has found his place, Fabián made himself known as a model. He signed many contracts that helped him to earn his bread and butter. Afterwards, he got involved in the world of television and took part in many programs broadcasted in the local channel of that city.

Later, the actor moved to Bogota to study in acting schools. He managed to enter the world of the Colombian stars.

He made his debut in 2002 with his part as Romero in the story for teenagers entitled “Siete veces amada“. He was nominated for Best New Young Actor in the “TV y Novelas” awards in Colombia. The following year, he played a conflicting part as villain in the soap opera “El auténtico Rodrigo Leal“.

In 2005, Ríos played the leading role in one of the most important family soap operas in Colombia entitled “Padres e Hijos“, where he embodied Antonio Vaquero. In 2007, he played an antagonistic role in the Colombian version of “Floricienta” produced by RCN. He participated in the cast of “Zona Rosa” and then in the production “Doña Bella” together with the beautiful actress Sharik León.

In 2008, this actor of penetrating gaze became famous among the Hispanic audience in the United States when he participated in the international cast of the Telemundo production entitled “Sin senos no hay paraíso“. He played the role of Albeiro, a young naive worker who, by means of destiny, gets emotionally involved with the mother of Catalina Sandoval, her girlfriend.

With this novel, Fabián became famous in more than 20 countries, including Hungary, Bolivia, Bosnia, Chile, Panama and Peru. This role marked a stage for the actor not only for the success of the soap opera, but also for the quality of the character he embodied. “Actors are always waiting for an opportunity like this because it is a challenge to represent someone who emerges from society in a context where there are comparisons all the time”, explained Ríos to the press (

Very soon, we will see Fabián working in the new Telemundo production as Montecristo Palacios in the thriller entitled “Elena`s Ghost“. Fabián plays the role of a man who has a banal double life. He is steeped in illegal gambling and has always envied his stepbrother —the main character of this story, Eduardo Girón (Segundo Cernadas). In this drama, Ríos will share credits with big actors and actresses such as Braulio Castillo, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Elluz Peraza, Zully Montero and Ana Layevska.

He also co-starred with Ana and other famous actors in “Labor of Love” and “Del Monte Dynasty”.

As something curious, Fabián is married to the actress Yuri Ferreira who appeared in the successful soap opera “El último matrimonio feliz“, and they have a daughter.


Friday, 29 August 2014 21:30

Settle down for more biting social satire with the critically acclaimed animated series The Boondocks, which revolves around two African-American kids who move from the tough inner city to live in the peaceful suburbs with their grandfather.

The Freeman family includes narrator Huey, his gangsta-rap loving younger brother Riley and their grandfather, Robert, all voiced by Regina King and John Witherspoon.


Saturday 23 August, 2014
Barclays Premier League , Matchday 2: Chelsea v Leicester City  —  15:45 on SL2G LIVE
Spanish La Liga , Matchday 1: Sevilla v Valencia  —  20:55 on SL2G LIVE

Sunday 24 August, 2014
Bundesliga , Matchday 1: Borussia Monchengladbach v Stuttgart —  17:25 on SL2G LIVE

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