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Exciting week on Gotv this week.

Sony Entertainment Television ( GOtv Plus Channel 20)

  •  Daddy Day Care

In this family comedy, Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek) plays a dad who is laid off from his job. He and his best friend decide to open a daycare centre at home for kids whose parents are looking for affordable child minding. The men use unconventional ways of navigating their way around toddlers, nappies and jumping castles.

Daddy Day Care airs on 14 June at 20:00 CAT

  •  Girlfriends

Winner of several BET Comedy Awards and Image Awards, and nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award®. This highly acclaimed and multi-awarded comedy series draws us into the lives, loves and losses of four women from very different walks of life, who navigate relationships, family, friends, careers and other universal issues with wit and insight. Watch season 2 of Girlfriends on Sony Entertainment Television on 16 June at 18:35 CAT.

  •  I Am Sam

Sean Penn earned his third best actor Academy Award® nomination for his sensitive portrayal of Sam, a mentally challenged, Beatles-obsessed father, in this engrossing drama. (He would go on to win two best actor Oscars® thereafter – for Mystic River and Milk.)

A young Dakota Fanning (Twilight, War of the Worlds) is outstanding as Sam’s whip-smart daughter – who tries to stunt her own intellectual growth when her intelligence starts surpassing that of her dad. When she is removed from his care, Sam enlists a high-powered lawyer (Michelle Pfeiffer – Frankie and Johnny, The Age of Innocence) to help him win back his daughter.

Showing 21 June at 20:00 CAT

Africa Magic (GOtv Channel 1)

  •  Lies That Bind Season I

For drama, intrigue, love and suspense watch Africa Magic’s new series Lies That Bind weekdays at 18:00 CAT. Lies That Bind carries a conscious message that is relevant to Kenyan society today. It also serves as a mirror of society and allows the viewers to reflect on the status quo. If you miss your weekly dose, don’t worry as you can catch the omnibus at 11:50 CAT every Saturday.

  •  Footprints Season I

The first season of Footprints kicks off weekdays at 20:00 CAT with weekend repeats at 08:00. Following the death of her husband, a young widow struggles to provide for her children. She also has to fight off greedy family members hiding under customs and tradition to perpetrate all kinds of evil.

  •  Seasons Of Life

After her father’s business goes under, Christine finds it difficult to make an adjustment from an extravagant lifestyle to one of poverty.  But she soon learns to be humble and in the process discover who her true friends are.  Catch Seasons of Life directed by Jennifer Gatero on Africa Magic Movies on the 14th June at 19:00 CAT.

Blackbelt (GOtv Channel 12)

  •  The Boxer’s Adventure

3 Kung Fu masters from Tiger Village join the royal ministers’ Captain of the Guard on his journey to raise an army. The evil Yun Si Kai is attempting to take power in the province and he must be stopped at all costs. Along their path; danger, action, romance, and a possible traitor in their midst await our heroes.

Airing 18 June at 12:00 CAT

Al Jazeera (GOtv Channel 12)

  •  Football Rebels

In 2006 ex- Chelsea legend, Didier Drogba used his influence as a footballer to call on the Ivory Coast’s President Gbagbo to end the civil war that had ravaged his home country.  He also made a desperate plea for his countrymen to lay down their weapons, resulting in a ceasefire after 5 years of conflict. 10 and 14 June at 00:30 CAT.

Popularly known as ‘the Doctor’, for having gained a degree in medicine, Socrates combined his attacking midfield skills with his revolutionary political beliefs.  Along with his team mates he transformed every match into a political statement.  His support for democracy helped ordinary Brazilians living through a military dictatorship in the 1980s, realise that they could have a voice too. 17 and 21 June at 00:30 CAT

Discovery World (GOtv Channel 50)

  •  Curiosity: Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic monuments in the world; older than the pyramids, it has stood as a beacon of early civilisation for over four and a half thousand years. One enduring mystery remains: how did the builders move 90 multi-ton stones 200 miles across land and sea to the ancient stone circle? ‘Curiosity’ is poised to finally answer this question.

From Sunday 15 June at 21:00 CAT

Disney Junior (GOtv Plus Channel 60)

  •  Doc Mcstuffins

The surgery is open! Doc McStuffins is back on Disney Junior with a brand new episode on Monday 16th June at 08:20 CAT.

In this premiere episode, entitled No Sweetah Cheetah, Rita (Donny’s new cheetah action figure) gets nervous when a worried Chilly points out she’s covered in spots and is sure she must be sick!

Nickelodeon (GOtv Channel 62)

  •  Lalaloopsy

This new animated pre-school series stars the Lalaloopsies, a set of loveable fabric friends who magically came to life as their last stitch was sewn.  The lovable characters are all unique: each has a personality that comes from the fabric that was used to make her – with a pet and house fancifully constructed from found objects to match!  The group of friends comes together for daily, “fun-tastical” adventures in a whimsical world full of silly surprises called Lalaloopsy Land.  The new 13 part weekly series kicks off on Monday 16 June at 09:45 CAT.

  •  Winx Club

Something truly magical has happened to Bloom, an ordinary girl who discovers she’s really a fairy with extraordinary powers! Bloom learns to use her magical powers at the finest fairy school, Alfea College. At Alfea, she meets her new best friends, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha, and forms the Winx Club. Together, they study hard in school, hang out at their favourite spots in Magix and go on lots of exciting adventures. The new episodes start on 16 June at 10:10 CAT.

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