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GOtv highlights for the week

E! Entertainment TV (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 25)

Vanessa & Ashley – Inner Circle: Head behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look into the lives of best friends and stars of the popular High School Musical films, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, as they ride around Los Angeles, hit the dance studio, gossip and share stories about their real life high school experiences. Join E! for this fun half-hour special with never before-seen home videos of the girls and discover interesting and surprising facts about them as they answer hilarious and outrageous questions that no reporter would ever dare ask!  Vanessa & Ashley – Inner Circle airs on E! on Thursday, October 31st at 22:00 CAT.

M-Net Movies Zone (GOtv Plus, Ch 2)

Secret Of The Andes: Young and misunderstood Diana and her mother, travel from their home in New York City, where Diana is somewhat of an outcast at school, to Argentina to visit Diana’s estranged dad, an American archaeologist desperate to find a legendary cache of lost gold. Diana, in defiance of the local cleric, dabbles in the supernatural with some of the local children, only to discover magical powers within themselves. Starring José Luis AlfonzoNancy Allen and Rodrigo Barrenatune in to Secret Of The Andes on Saturday 19 October at 19:00 CAT.

Chain Of Command: A briefcase that allows the President complete control of America’s nuclear arsenal is stolen. A secret service agent who dislikes the President has to retrieve the briefcase before destruction ensues. Chain Of Command stars Roy Scheider and Patrick Muldoon and airs on Sunday 20 October at 21:00 CAT.

Sony Max (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 21)

Timecop: based on a story that originally appeared in Dark Horse Comics, Van Damme stars as a US federal agent who time-travels between present and past in order to prevent a catastrophic change in the fabric of history and stop the murder of his wife, Mia Sara (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – who won a Saturn Award for best supporting actress for her role). Directed by Peter Hyams, catch all the action in Timecop on Thursday, 17 October at 21:00 CAT.

 Telemundo (GOtv Plus, Ch 13)

Aurora: it follows the pure and true love that has blossomed between Aurora and Lorenzo, but lies and deceits will separate them and change their lives forever. When Aurora’s parents find out that she is pregnant with the child of a humble man they fear this will ruin her life and decide to take her away and forbid her from ever seeing him again. Twenty years after waking up from a coma, Aurora wakes up and finds out that everything has changed and her heart will be torn between her past and her present. Will the memory of her first love last forever? Catch Aurora weekdays at 16:20 CAT. 

Precious Rose: Rosa and Eva are as close as two friends can possibly be. The two young women, abandoned at a young age, consider themselves each other’s only family. When Eva falls in love with a handsome man who seduces her only to leave her world in tatters, it is Rosa who helps her pick up the pieces of her life before an even greater tragedy strikes. In a twisted story where nobody is quite who they seem, Precious Rose pulls the viewer into a world filled with shocking secrets, family trauma, corporate scandal and unspoken desire as Rose navigate the pitfalls of romance and business while trying to protect her own innocence. Watch Precious Rose every weekday at 17:10 CAT 

Game Date Time
Chelsea v Cardiff City Saturday 19th October 3pm (GMT)
Man United v Stoke City Saturday 26th October 3pm (GMT)
Man City v Norwich City Saturday 2nd November 3pm (GMT)
Liverpool v Fulham Saturday 9th November 3pm (GMT)
Arsenal v Southampton Saturday 23rd November 3pm (GMT)
Man City v Swansea City Saturday 30th November 3pm (GMT)


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