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GOtv Highlights

Al Jazeera (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 40)

The Frost Interview: Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton is one of the top drivers in the world. He tells Sir David Frost how he overcame a poor childhood to rise to the top of the world’s most glamorous sport and takes Sir David Frost for a tour of his F1 garage. Watch Lewis Hamilton on The Frost Interview on Friday 6 September at 22:00 CAT.

101 East travels to Myanmar to investigate the depth of religious hatred that is plaguing the country and asks if freedom from hate is still possible? Religious and racial hatred is running deep in the once repressed south-east Asian country of Myanmar where violence between Muslim and Buddhist communities has left over 250 people dead and displaced over 140 thousand people. In the newly liberated media, free speech has quickly turned to hate speech. Catch 101 East on Thursday 6 September at 00:30 CAT. 

TBN (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 80)

Generation Gap: Starring Edward Asner and Rue McClanahan, a troubled teen named Dylan always finds himself in trouble. After another fight at school, his mother decides that a summer away with his grandfather will sort him out. The teen is upset about spending his summer in a one horse town with his grandfather.Find out how this teen survives in Generation Gap showing on Saturday 7 September at 20:00 CAT. 

MTV Base (GOtv Plus, Ch 72)

Official African Chart: Join VJ Siz as the show brings you the hottest videos from Africa and across the globe. The Official African Chart is bigger than ever with the 20 hottest tracks. Official African Chart airs on Sunday 8 September at 12:00 CAT. 

Discovery World (GOtv & GOtv Plus, Ch 50)

Brand new show Escape From the Impact Zone tells the story of miraculous escapes by survivors in and around the impact zone where the two hijacked planes plunged into the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Five survivors of the 9/11 attacks who were on the highest floors of the South Tower tell their incredible stories of escape from the impact zone. This film combines their poignant testimonies with user-generated footage and remarkable film archives from the day. Escape from the Impact Zone airs on Sunday 8 September at 21:00 CAT. 

NEW CHANNEL: Telemundo (GOtv Plus, Ch 13)

My Heart Beats For Lola: With the idea of loving each other for eternity, they decide to elope to Las Vegas. Little did they know that this simple decision would bring about the greatest misfortune of their lives. September picks up with Ramon and Vicky’s relationship imploding in spectacular fashion, while it soon becomes clear that, despite everything that has happened, Andres and Lola still have a burning passion for one another despite both of them attempting to move on with new lovers. Later in the month, Diogenes finally seems to have some payback coming his way when his health begins failing, albeit under tragic and suspicious circumstances. Watch My Heart Beats For Lola on weekdays at 18:00 CAT.

Game Date Time
Stoke City v Manchester City Saturday 14th September 17:00 CAT
Liverpool v Southampton Saturday 21st September 17:00 CAT
Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion Saturday 28th September 17:00 CAT
Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United Saturday 5th October 17:00 CAT
Chelsea v Cardiff City Saturday 19th October 17:00 CAT
Manchester United v Stoke City Saturday 26th October 17:00 CAT
Manchester City v Norwich City Saturday 2nd November 17:00 CAT
Liverpool v Fulham Saturday 9th November 17:00 CAT
Arsenal v Southampton Saturday 23rd November 17:00 CAT
Manchester City v Swansea City Saturday 30th November 17:00 CAT



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