GOtv Ghana Decoders Certified Ready for Digital Migration

As Ghana makes strides towards the eventual analogue switch off (ASO) of all analogue television transmissions as part of the digital migration journey, all decoder to be sold and/or used in Ghana need to pass a rigorous compliance test by the National Communications Authority (NCA). GOtv Ghana duly submitted its decoders to be thoroughly assess by the NCA for its compatibility for use to receive digital signals in Ghana.

“We are proud to announce that on the 1st of December the NCA issued us with a Type Approval Certificate for our GOtv Decoders. This means all GOtv decoders are ready for use after digital migration” says Cecil Sunkwa-Mills, Managing Director of GOtv Ghana Limited. He explains that all persons who have purchased GOtv decoders already will not need a new decoder when Ghana migrates onto the digital broadcast platform in September 2017.

With this certification all GOtv decoder will now bear the Digital Ghana logo, a sign to confirm the decoder has gone through the certification and approval process of the NCA for use in Ghana. The GOtv Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Service in Ghana was launched on the 18th January 2013 as the first approved Version 2 DTT service in Ghana in seven regions and its subscriber management service is supported by Multichoice Ghana Limited.

GOtv currently has three packages namely GOtv Lite, Value and Value from which subscribers can choose from with monthly subscription set at Ghs 8, Ghs 18 and Ghs 45 a respectively. GOtv is committed to deliver value to our customers by making great entertainment more accessible.

Whether its local telenovelas, the excitement of world class sport or the latest global blockbusters, our investment in leading-edge content and technology systems deliver the shows that people love into their hands and their living rooms at the most affordable prices.

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