Goitse, Idris, Mr. 265, Macky2 and Samantha up for eviction #BBHotShots #BigBroAfrica

This week’s list of eviction nominees is shorter than usual, making it a tight race. Get ready to start voting for your favourites. Here are the nominations, in case you missed them:



Mr. 265



The reign of Head of House worked its magic once more, as Sipe had been nominated, but the title saved her, as it had Nhlanhla when he became Head of House. Everyone knew Goitse would be up for eviction, because she had moved during a freeze task. Big Brother’s instructions were clear: deliberate movement meant automatic nomination. Idris was extremely taken aback at having been nominated, judging by the expression on his face.

Immediately after Biggie’s announcement, Sipe was called to the diary room where she had to put in her nomination. In an extreme twist of irony, Sipe chose Samantha who had never won immunity before. But since Head of House may nominate anyone, even someone from the winning extravaganza team who are otherwise immune, she was vulnerable and placed on the chopping block.

Sipe’s decision was not much of a surprise as she had already made her feelings clear with Biggie in the diary room earlier on. She had even expressed dismay that Samantha’s star gift was in her favourite colour. But she did not have to lament for too long as she soon received her Head of House gift from Biggie.

It will assuredly be an interesting week, and Samantha’s expression will also be one to watch this Sunday. What did you think of the nominations?


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