Going Deep with David Rees, Beyond Magic with DMC, Set Apart and SO MUCH MORE on DStv this week

House Of Glam Wednesday  5th November at 4:15PM GMT Style 173

House of Glam’s group of expert stylists and image consultants has their work cut out for them this November. Atiba and Crystal travel to Los Angeles for two important clients: Jo Jo for a live performance, and Mario who will be appearing at the Grammys. Crystal’s new assistant, Shaun, is put to the test when he is sent to help out at a charity event. Amoy begins to struggle with her new staff at the salon, and Crystal tries to raise some money for her dream jewellery line.

Going Deep with David Rees, Wednesday 5th November at 5:10 PM GMT

(*New Series Premiere) NatGeo 181

This is a how-to show of epic proportions that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do. Each episode of this hilariously dry-witted how-to adventure series, David Rees, humorist and self-made aficionado of the everyday, tackles unassuming tasks such as tying your shoes or making the perfect ice cube for your delicious beverages. Get to know the science and the history behind the seemingly mundane and uncover an unexpected appreciation for even the simplest of tasks. Think you already know everything there is to know about swatting a fly? Think again.

Mistresses S2 Wednesday 05 November 2014 5:30PM GMT | Vuzu Amp (114) 

Savi finds a surprising connection with a man (Jason Gerhardt as Zack) other than Dom.

After a series of dating disasters, Karen hits rock bottom emotionally. Joss shells out big bucks so she and Harry can attend a pricey charity event to drum up business, but ends up attracting the attention of a rich man.Mistresses_opt

Beyond Magic with DMC  Wednesday  5th November at 6:05 PM GMT (*New Series Premiere) NatGeo 181

British magician and card shark to the world’s elite, Drummond Money-Coutts, embarks on an international journey, going from London to Paris with a final destination of Bangkok. DMC explores the thrilling and high stakes world of card tricks. Through breath-taking stunts and street demonstrations, Drummond reveals the secrets behind advanced card play, card cheating and the dark art of card magic

Beyond Candid with Giuliana: Kris Jenner Thursday 06 November 2014 8:00PM GMT | E! Entertainment Television (124)

The matriarch mastermind behind one of the biggest reality empires of our time, Kris Jenner is practically a household name.

In this instalment of Beyond Candid, Giuliana Rancic sits down with Kris Jenner for an exclusive and intimate discussion about the parts of her life that aren’t normally in the spotlight.

From her life with Robert Kardashian to her whirlwind romance with Bruce Jenner and raising the world’s most notorious reality star siblings, discover exactly what it is that makes her tick.

Kung Fu Panda Friday 07 November 2014 9:00AAM GMT | Nickelodeon (305)

The Dragon Warrior is committed to protecting the villagers in the Valley of Peace, but he and the Furious Five have their work cut out for them.

Luckily they have the ancient art of Kung Fu on their side. Don’t miss the adventures of Kung Fu Panda at11:00 on Nickelodeon on Friday 7 November.

The World’s Weirdest Weapons  Saturday  8th November 3:00PM GMT BBC Knowledge 184

This series reveals secret footage of some of the most extraordinary military hardware ever built, including a guided missile system piloted by pigeons, a jet pack to create flying soldiers, a bombing program that relied on bats being released from planes and a giant Catherine Wheel designed by the British for use during the D-Day landing. This insightful documentary reveals how military necessity pushed the boundaries of invention to extreme levels.

Set Apart Saturday 08 November 2014 6:00PM GMT | FAITH (341)

The city is all these kids have ever known. What passes for normal in their world goes against everything we hope and pray for when it comes to the next generation.

Fortunately, Pastor John Gunn and his ministry are watching out for them.

Even he knows that the city is the last place these four teenagers should be.

So he asks his brother and sister-in-law, Randy and Heidi Gunn (playing themselves), to help out by showing these city kids “The cowboy way.”

Is the hope of redemption enough to lure them away from the streets?

Set Apart combines the action and excitement of a Western with the laughter of a comedy to become a poignant coming-of-age drama.

Don’t miss Set Apart on Saturday 8 November at 20:00 on FAITH

ROBOCOP (2014)  Sunday 9 November at  6:30PM GMT M-Net Movies Premiere 103

A slick and revamped version of the original 90s movies. This futuristic action transforms an ordinary man into part man, part machine and all weapon on a dangerous quest for justice.

Devil in the Detail on AfricaMagic Showcase, Sunday 9 November at 21:30 CAT

A suspicious affair ruins an almost perfect marriage as husband and wife take a wild goose chase into the world of sex, lies and betrayal risking everything they’ve worked hard for.

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