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Ghana’s Hilda Akua’s Road to Miss Universe 2015


Miss Universe Ghana 2015 winner, Hilda Akua Frimpong is in preparation mode for the 64th annual Miss Universe pageant.

The pageant will be held on Sunday, December 20th in Las Vegas Nevada. The beauty queen is currently in New York where she is training for the big event.

Who is this young lady who will be holding the flag high for Ghana on December 20th?

Hilda Akua Frimpong is a quintessential modern African woman. Born and raised in Kumasi, Hilda is rooted in her Ashanti culture, but enjoys learning, traveling the world and empowering others through her love for service.

Hilda has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. She has channeled her fascination and love for people and culture into her humanitarian efforts.

Hilda continues to fulfill her philanthropic mission on a larger platform by using pageantry as her most powerful vehicle.

As a person living with scoliosis, Hilda enjoys dedicating her time with children who have scoliosis and charities that bring awareness to spinal deformity.

In efforts to make an impact in her nation, Hilda is currently working with Family First International School in Kumasi to implement scoliosis screenings as part of their annual health screening.

She hopes to use the Miss Universe platform to promote disease and disorder awareness and quality healthcare for children globally.

Akuba Cudjoe, Miss Universe Ghana 1999 & Top 10 at Miss Universe 1999, is the only representative from Ghana to have placed in Miss Universe Pageant. Will Hilda follow in her footsteps?


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Hilda Akua Frimpong

Hilda Akua Frimpong

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