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“Ghanaians filmmaker don’t take film elements serious” – AMAA winner, Tony Prince Tometi

Tony Prince Tometi

Tony Prince Tometi

Tony Prince Tometi, who recently won the Best Production Design award at the just-ended AMAAs, has stated that Ghana had to wait for 10 years to win its first Production Design Award at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) because the industry does not respect all the areas of filmmaking.

According to him, the industry only focuses on cast and sometimes photography to the detriment of other elements in the general filmmaking process.

He added that Ghanaian movies would capture the market on the continent if industry operators address the various problems.

“You can have good actors in a movie and the movie can be bad because all the other elements of filmmaking were not properly handled. It is important that we take note of the other elements.

“You do not have to know production design as director but a director must know what it adds to your film. Same thing applies to other areas of a film. Even with camera lens, a director must know why he wants to use a particular lens…people only concentrate photography and actors,” he added.

Tony, who is often called Will Smith due to his striking resemblance with the American actor, won the Best Production Design award at the just-ended AMAAs with Leila Djansi’s film Northern Affair.

It was the first time a Ghanaian film picked such an award, beating South Africa’s Of Good Report, Kenya’s Nisisi and Nigeria’s Apaye.

Tony was not at the AMAAs to personnel receive the award.

“I was surprised in the first place to have won. I had mix feelings about it. Then I was like never mind, I am happy I nominated. Then I had a text message that I had won. I don’t know what to say. It is just humbling. Hard work pays. It means I have to keep working hard,” he told NEWS-ONE on Saturday when he was presented with his statuette.

“I think we have not pay attention to production design over the years thinking it’s nothing and doesn’t add value to film. But it’s actually the first port of call if you want to do a film. I am pleased to have won. It is the first time we are getting something out of production design. I am happy for Ghana. ”

Production Design is described as the overall look of a filmed event.

Some movies, which won awards for production design in the 10-year history of the AMAAs, included Phone Swap, Elewani, Viva Riva and Fulani. 

Source: NewsOne


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